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func RegisterInterceptor

func RegisterInterceptor(newRI RequestInterceptor) (restore func())

RegisterInterceptor sets the provided request interceptor to be used on future calls to ApplyInterceptor(). Calls to RegisterInterceptor() will overwrite previously registered interceptors; that is, only one interceptor is allowed at a time. Returns a function to undo the change made by this call.

type GRPCOptions

type GRPCOptions struct {
	Addresses       []string
	Tracer          opentracing.Tracer
	Caller          string
	Encoding        string
	RoutingKey      string
	RoutingDelegate string

GRPCOptions are used to create a GRPC transport.

type HTTPOptions

type HTTPOptions struct {
	Method          string
	URLs            []string
	SourceService   string
	TargetService   string
	RoutingDelegate string
	RoutingKey      string
	ShardKey        string
	Encoding        string
	Tracer          opentracing.Tracer

HTTPOptions are used to create a HTTP transport.

type Protocol

type Protocol int

Protocol represents the wire protocol used to send the request.

const (
	Unknown Protocol = iota

The list of protocols supported by YAB.

type Request

type Request struct {
	TargetService    string
	Method           string
	Timeout          time.Duration
	Headers          map[string]string
	Baggage          map[string]string
	TransportHeaders map[string]string
	ShardKey         string
	Body             []byte

Request is the fields used to make an RPC.

func ApplyInterceptor

func ApplyInterceptor(ctx context.Context, req *Request) (*Request, error)

ApplyInterceptor mutates a Request using the previously registered RequestInterceptor.

type RequestInterceptor

type RequestInterceptor interface {
	// Apply mutates and returns the passed Request object.
	Apply(ctx context.Context, req *Request) (*Request, error)

RequestInterceptor allows for its implementors to modify a pre-flight Request.

type Response

type Response struct {
	Headers map[string]string
	Body    []byte

	// TransportFields contains fields that are transport-specific.
	TransportFields map[string]interface{}

Response represents the result of an RPC.

type TChannelOptions

type TChannelOptions struct {
	// SourceService is the service name on the source side.
	SourceService string

	// TargetService is the service name being targeted.
	TargetService string

	// RoutingDelegate is a traffic group that overrides the routing key,
	// to redirect to an application layer traffic proxy.
	RoutingDelegate string

	// RoutingKey is a traffic group that overrides the service name, for a
	// proxy to redirect to a more specific traffic group than the service
	// proper.
	RoutingKey string

	// ShardKey is an opaque blob that clues where to direct a request to an
	// instance within a traffic group.
	ShardKey string

	// LogLevel overrides the default LogLevel (Warn).
	LogLevel *tchannel.LogLevel

	// Peers is a list of host:ports to add to the channel.
	Peers []string

	// Encoding is used to set the TChannel format ("as" header).
	Encoding string

	// TraceSampleRate sets the sample rate for tracing.
	TraceSampleRate float64

	// TransportOpts are a list of options, mostly used to add or override
	// TChannel's transport headers.
	TransportOpts map[string]string

	// Tracer is an instance of an opentracing tracer for baggage propagation
	// and/or span submission.
	Tracer opentracing.Tracer

TChannelOptions are used to create a TChannel transport.

type Transport

type Transport interface {
	Call(ctx context.Context, request *Request) (*Response, error)
	Protocol() Protocol
	Tracer() opentracing.Tracer

Transport defines the interface for the underlying transport over which calls are made.

func NewHTTP

func NewHTTP(opts HTTPOptions) (Transport, error)

NewHTTP returns a transport that calls a HTTP service.

func NewTChannel

func NewTChannel(opts TChannelOptions) (Transport, error)

NewTChannel returns a Transport that calls a TChannel service.

type TransportCloser

type TransportCloser interface {

TransportCloser is a Transport that can be closed.

func NewGRPC

func NewGRPC(options GRPCOptions) (TransportCloser, error)

NewGRPC returns a transport that calls a GRPC service.

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