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Published: Jul 9, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 11


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const (
	NoProgress    TProcessState = intf.TBPF_NOPROGRESS
	Indeterminate               = intf.TBPF_INDETERMINATE
	Normal                      = intf.TBPF_NORMAL
	Error                       = intf.TBPF_ERROR
	Paused                      = intf.TBPF_PAUSED
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const (
	Enabled        TButtonFlags = intf.THBF_ENABLED
	Disabled                    = intf.THBF_DISABLED
	DisMissonClick              = intf.THBF_DISMISSONCLICK
	NoBackGround                = intf.THBF_NOBACKGROUND
	Hidden                      = intf.THBF_HIDDEN
	Noninteractive              = intf.THBF_NONINTERACTIVE


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type TButtonFlags

type TButtonFlags uint32

type TProcessState

type TProcessState int32

type TThumbButtonClick

type TThumbButtonClick func(index uint16)

type ThumbButton

type ThumbButton struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ThumbButton) SetFlags

func (tt *ThumbButton) SetFlags(flags TButtonFlags)

func (*ThumbButton) SetHint

func (tt *ThumbButton) SetHint(str string)

func (*ThumbButton) SetIcon

func (tt *ThumbButton) SetIcon(h types.HICON)

type WinTaskBar

type WinTaskBar struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWinTaskBar

func NewWinTaskBar(hWnd types.HWND) *WinTaskBar

func (*WinTaskBar) AddButton

func (t *WinTaskBar) AddButton() (*ThumbButton, error)

func (*WinTaskBar) Buttons

func (t *WinTaskBar) Buttons() []*ThumbButton

func (*WinTaskBar) Free

func (t *WinTaskBar) Free()

func (*WinTaskBar) SetOnThumbButtonClick

func (t *WinTaskBar) SetOnThumbButtonClick(event TThumbButtonClick)

func (*WinTaskBar) SetOverlayIcon

func (t *WinTaskBar) SetOverlayIcon(hIcon types.HICON, pszDescription string) error

func (*WinTaskBar) SetProgressState

func (t *WinTaskBar) SetProgressState(flags TProcessState) error

func (*WinTaskBar) SetProgressValue

func (t *WinTaskBar) SetProgressValue(ullCompleted, ullTotal uint64) error

func (*WinTaskBar) SetThumbnailTooltip

func (t *WinTaskBar) SetThumbnailTooltip(tip string) error


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