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func ConvertToJSON

func ConvertToJSON(xmlStr string, newOpts ...ConvertToJSONOption) (string, error)

ConvertToJSON converts from xml to json

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(file string, v interface{}) error

LoadFile loads xml object from file

func LoadReader

func LoadReader(reader io.Reader, v interface{}) error

LoadReader loads xml object from reader

func SaveFile

func SaveFile(file string, v interface{}) error

SaveFile saves xml object to a file

func SaveFileIndent

func SaveFileIndent(file string, v interface{}, prefix, indent string) error

SaveFileIndent saves xml object to a file with indent

func SaveWriter

func SaveWriter(writer io.Writer, v interface{}) error

SaveWriter saves xml object to a writer

func SaveWriterIndent

func SaveWriterIndent(writer io.Writer, v interface{}, prefix, indent string) error

SaveWriterIndent save xml object to a writer with indent


type ConvertToJSONOption

type ConvertToJSONOption func(*ConvertToJSONOptions) error

ConvertToJSONOption is a function on the options for a xml2json.

func WithIndent

func WithIndent(withIndent bool, prefix, indent string) ConvertToJSONOption

WithIndent ...

func WithRootElement

func WithRootElement(withRoot bool) ConvertToJSONOption

WithRootElement ...

type ConvertToJSONOptions

type ConvertToJSONOptions struct {
	WithIndent      bool   // well formatted json
	Prefix          string // the json marshal prefix
	Indent          string // the json marshal indent
	WithRootElement bool   // with the root element

ConvertToJSONOptions ...

func DefaultConvertToJSONOptions

func DefaultConvertToJSONOptions() *ConvertToJSONOptions

DefaultConvertToJSONOptions ...

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