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type LogReduction

type LogReduction struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LogReduction provides a filter for consecutive identical log messages; a message will be printed no more than once per interval. If a string of messages is interrupted by a different message, the interval timer will be reset.

func NewLogReduction

func NewLogReduction(identicalErrorDelay time.Duration) *LogReduction

NewLogReduction returns an initialized LogReduction

func (*LogReduction) ClearID

func (l *LogReduction) ClearID(parentID string)

ClearID clears out log reduction records pertaining to a particular parent (e. g. container ID)

func (*LogReduction) ShouldMessageBePrinted

func (l *LogReduction) ShouldMessageBePrinted(message string, parentID string) bool

ShouldMessageBePrinted determines whether a message should be printed based on how long ago this particular message was last printed

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