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type Emoji

type Emoji struct {
	// Name is a name of this emoji.
	Name string

	// ShortNames is a shorter representation of this emoji.
	ShortNames []string

	// Unicode is an unicode representation of this emoji.
	Unicode []rune

Emoji is a data structure that holds a single emoji.

func NewEmoji

func NewEmoji(name string, unicode []rune, shortNames ...string) Emoji

NewEmoji returns a new Emoji.

func (*Emoji) IsUnicode

func (em *Emoji) IsUnicode() bool

IsUnicode returns true if this emoji is defined in unicode, otherwise false.

type Emojis

type Emojis interface {
	// Get returns (*Emoji, true) if found mapping associated with given short name, otherwise (nil, false).
	Get(shortName string) (*Emoji, bool)

	// Add adds new emojis to this collection.

	// Clone clones this collection.
	Clone() Emojis

Emojis is a collection of emojis.

func Github

func Github(opts ...EmojisOption) Emojis

func NewEmojis

func NewEmojis(es ...Emoji) Emojis

NewEmojis returns a new Emojis.

type EmojisOption

type EmojisOption func(Emojis)

EmojisOption sets options for Emojis.

func WithEmojis

func WithEmojis(emojis ...Emoji) EmojisOption

WithEmojis is an EmojisOption that adds emojis to the Emojis.

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