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Package renderer renders the given AST to certain formats.



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type Config

type Config struct {
	Options       map[OptionName]interface{}
	NodeRenderers util.PrioritizedSlice

A Config struct is a data structure that holds configuration of the Renderer.

func NewConfig

func NewConfig() *Config

NewConfig returns a new Config.

type NodeRenderer

type NodeRenderer interface {
	// RendererFuncs registers NodeRendererFuncs to given NodeRendererFuncRegisterer.

A NodeRenderer interface offers NodeRendererFuncs.

type NodeRendererFunc

type NodeRendererFunc func(writer util.BufWriter, source []byte, n ast.Node, entering bool) (ast.WalkStatus, error)

NodeRendererFunc is a function that renders a given node.

type NodeRendererFuncRegisterer

type NodeRendererFuncRegisterer interface {
	// Register registers given NodeRendererFunc to this object.
	Register(ast.NodeKind, NodeRendererFunc)

A NodeRendererFuncRegisterer registers given NodeRendererFunc to this object.

type Option

type Option interface {

An Option interface is a functional option type for the Renderer.

func WithNodeRenderers

func WithNodeRenderers(ps ...util.PrioritizedValue) Option

WithNodeRenderers is a functional option that allow you to add NodeRenderers to the renderer.

func WithOption

func WithOption(name OptionName, value interface{}) Option

WithOption is a functional option that allow you to set an arbitrary option to the parser.

type OptionName

type OptionName string

An OptionName is a name of the option.

type Renderer

type Renderer interface {
	Render(w io.Writer, source []byte, n ast.Node) error

	// AddOptions adds given option to this renderer.

A Renderer interface renders given AST node to given writer with given Renderer.

func NewRenderer

func NewRenderer(options ...Option) Renderer

NewRenderer returns a new Renderer with given options.

type SetOptioner

type SetOptioner interface {
	// SetOption sets given option to the object.
	// Unacceptable options may be passed.
	// Thus implementations must ignore unacceptable options.
	SetOption(name OptionName, value interface{})

A SetOptioner interface sets given option to the object.


Path Synopsis
Package html implements renderer that outputs HTMLs.
Package html implements renderer that outputs HTMLs.

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