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Go Radiko

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The unofficial radiko.jp APIs Client Library for Go


  • Go 1.7 or newer
$ go get github.com/yyoshiki41/go-radiko


■ Default
// authentication token is not necessary.
client, err := radiko.New("")
if err != nil {
// Get programs data
stations, err := client.GetNowPrograms(context.Background())
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("%v", stations)
■ Get & Set authentication token
// 1. Create a new Client.
client, err := radiko.New("")
if err != nil {

// 2. Enables and sets the auth_token.
// After client.AuthorizeToken() has succeeded,
// the client has the enabled auth_token internally.
authToken, err := client.AuthorizeToken(context.Background(), authKeyPath)
if err != nil {
Premium member (Enable to use the area free.)
// 1. Create a new Client.
client, err := radiko.New("")
if err != nil {

// 2. Login as the premium member
// After client.Login() has succeeded,
// the client has the valid cookie internally.
ctx := context.Background()
login, err := client.Login(ctx, "example@mail.com", "example_password")
if err != nil {
if login.StatusCode() != 200 {
	log.Fatalf("Failed to login premium member.\nInvalid status code: %d",

// 3. Enables and sets the auth_token.
// After client.AuthorizeToken() has succeeded,
// the client has the enabled auth_token internally.
authToken, err := client.AuthorizeToken(context.Background(), authKeyPath)
if err != nil {
■ Use your authentication token
// If the auth_token is cached, set your token in HTTP Header like below.
client, err = radiko.New("auth_token")
if err != nil {


It is possible to try examples.

# Get programs data
$ go run ./examples/main.go
# Get & Set auth_token
$ go run ./examples/auth/main.go

Projects using go-radiko


Licensed under the GPLv3 license for all open source applications.

Please do not use this project for commercial use.


Yoshiki Nakagawa



Package radiko manages the radiko.jp APIs.



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var (
	// ErrProgramNotFound is returned when a program not found
	ErrProgramNotFound = errors.New("program not found")


func AreaID

func AreaID() (string, error)

AreaID returns areaID.

func DownloadPlayer

func DownloadPlayer(path string) error

DownloadPlayer downloads a swf player file.

func GetChunklistFromM3U8 added in v0.1.3

func GetChunklistFromM3U8(uri string) ([]string, error)

GetChunklistFromM3U8 returns a slice of url.

func GetLiveURL added in v0.3.2

func GetLiveURL(stationID string) string

GetLiveURL returns a live url for web browser.

func GetTimeshiftURL added in v0.3.2

func GetTimeshiftURL(stationID string, start time.Time) string

GetTimeshiftURL returns a timeshift url for web browser.

func SetHTTPClient

func SetHTTPClient(client *http.Client)

SetHTTPClient overrides the default HTTP client.

func SetUserAgent added in v0.4.0

func SetUserAgent(ua string)

SetUserAgent overrides the default User-Agent header.


type Client

type Client struct {
	URL *url.URL
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client represents a single connection to radiko API endpoint.

func New

func New(authToken string) (*Client, error)

New returns a new Client struct.

func (*Client) AreaID added in v0.3.0

func (c *Client) AreaID() string

AreaID returns the areaID.

func (*Client) Auth1Fms

func (c *Client) Auth1Fms(ctx context.Context) (string, int64, int64, error)

Auth1Fms returns authToken, keyLength, keyOffset and error.

func (*Client) Auth2Fms

func (c *Client) Auth2Fms(ctx context.Context, authToken, partialKey string) ([]string, error)

Auth2Fms enables the given authToken.

func (*Client) AuthToken added in v0.3.1

func (c *Client) AuthToken() string

AuthToken returns the authtoken.

func (*Client) AuthorizeToken

func (c *Client) AuthorizeToken(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

AuthorizeToken returns an enables auth_token and error, and sets auth_token in Client. Is is a alias function that wraps Auth1Fms and Auth2Fms.

func (*Client) Do added in v0.2.0

func (c *Client) Do(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

Do executes an API request.

func (*Client) GetNowPrograms

func (c *Client) GetNowPrograms(ctx context.Context) (Stations, error)

GetNowPrograms returns the program's meta-info which are currently on the air.

func (*Client) GetProgramByStartTime

func (c *Client) GetProgramByStartTime(ctx context.Context, stationID string, start time.Time) (*Prog, error)

GetProgramByStartTime returns a specified program. This API wraps GetStations.

func (*Client) GetStations

func (c *Client) GetStations(ctx context.Context, date time.Time) (Stations, error)

GetStations returns the program's meta-info.

func (*Client) GetWeeklyPrograms added in v0.2.0

func (c *Client) GetWeeklyPrograms(ctx context.Context, stationID string) (Stations, error)

GetWeeklyPrograms returns the weekly programs.

func (*Client) Jar added in v0.2.0

func (c *Client) Jar() http.CookieJar

Jar returns the cookieJar.

func (*Client) Login added in v0.2.0

func (c *Client) Login(ctx context.Context, mail, password string) (Statuser, error)

Login returns the Statuser that has StatusCode method.

func (*Client) SetAreaID added in v0.3.0

func (c *Client) SetAreaID(areaID string)

SetAreaID sets the areaID.

func (*Client) SetJar added in v0.2.0

func (c *Client) SetJar(jar *cookiejar.Jar)

SetJar sets the cookieJar in httpClient.

func (*Client) TimeshiftPlaylistM3U8

func (c *Client) TimeshiftPlaylistM3U8(ctx context.Context, stationID string, start time.Time) (string, error)

TimeshiftPlaylistM3U8 returns uri.

type LoginNG added in v0.2.0

type LoginNG struct {
	Message string `json:"message"`
	Cause   string `json:"cause"`

LoginNG represents login failed.

type LoginOK added in v0.2.0

type LoginOK struct {
	UserKey    string `json:"user_key"`
	PaidMember string `json:"paid_member"`
	Areafree   string `json:"areafree"`

LoginOK represents login is successful.

type LoginStatus added in v0.2.0

type LoginStatus struct {
	Status string `json:"status"`

LoginStatus is a base struct that has a Status field.

func (*LoginStatus) StatusCode added in v0.2.0

func (l *LoginStatus) StatusCode() int

StatusCode returns StatusCode that is type int.

type Params

type Params struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Params is the list of options to pass to the request.

type Prog

type Prog struct {
	Ft       string `xml:"ft,attr"`
	To       string `xml:"to,attr"`
	Ftl      string `xml:"ftl,attr"`
	Tol      string `xml:"tol,attr"`
	Dur      string `xml:"dur,attr"`
	Title    string `xml:"title"`
	SubTitle string `xml:"sub_title"`
	Desc     string `xml:"desc"`
	Pfm      string `xml:"pfm"`
	Info     string `xml:"info"`
	URL      string `xml:"url"`

Prog is a struct.

type Progs

type Progs struct {
	Date  string `xml:"date"`
	Progs []Prog `xml:"prog"`

Progs is a slice of Prog.

type Scd

type Scd struct {
	Progs Progs `xml:"progs"`

Scd is a struct.

type Station

type Station struct {
	ID    string `xml:"id,attr"`
	Name  string `xml:"name"`
	Scd   Scd    `xml:"scd,omitempty"`
	Progs Progs  `xml:"progs,omitempty"`

Station is a struct.

type Stations

type Stations []Station

Stations is a slice of Station.

type Statuser added in v0.2.0

type Statuser interface {
	StatusCode() int

Statuser is the interface that wraps StatusCode method.

type URLItem added in v0.2.1

type URLItem struct {
	Areafree bool   `xml:"areafree,attr"`
	Item     string `xml:",chardata"`

URLItem represents a stream url.

func GetStreamMultiURL added in v0.2.1

func GetStreamMultiURL(stationID string) ([]URLItem, error)

GetStreamMultiURL returns a slice of the stream url.


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