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revealgo is a small web application for giving Markdown-driven presentations implemented in Go! The revealgo command starts a local web server to serve the your markdown presentation file with reveal.js. The presentation can be viewed in a web browser. The reveal.js library offers comprehensive presenting features such as slide transitions, speaker notes and more.


To install, use go install after git clone:

$ git clone
$ cd revealgo
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ go install ./cmd/revealgo


The usage:

$ revealgo [options]

Then access the local web server such as http://localhost:3000 with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Available options:

-p, --port            tcp port number of this server. default is 3000.
--theme               slide theme or original css file name. default themes:
                      beige, black, blood, league, moon, night, serif, simple, sky, solarized, and white
--transition          transition effect for slides: default, cube, page, concave, zoom, linear, fade, none
--multiplex           enable slide multiplexi

Run revealgo command:

Command Line

Open the server address with your web browser:


Sample Makrdown
## This is an H2 Title


The horizontal slide separator characters are '---'


# This is second title

The vertical slide separator characters are '___'


## This is a third title


## This is a forth title
<!-- .slide: data-background="#f70000" data-transition="page" -->

You can add slide attributes like above.
Customize Theme

While revealgo is running, open another terminal and get the theme file black.css:

$ curl http://localhost:3000/revealjs/css/theme/black.css > original.css

Edit original.css, And then run revealgo with --theme option:

$ revealgo --theme original.css
Customize Slide Configurations

Get the default slide HTML file:

$ curl http://localhost:3000/ > slide.html

Edit slide.html, and then open http://localhost:3000/slide.html with your browser. A slide with the modified configurations will come up.

Using slide multiplex

The multiplex plugin allows your audience to follow the slides of the presentation you are controlling on their own phone, tablet or laptop

--- reveal.js site

When --multiplex is enabled, the client slides can be found on the / path and the master ones under /master/. The master presentation will push its changes to all the client ones for every transition, is like having a remote control!

For example, your laptop's IP address in the local network is and you are using the port 3000, so your audience should see the slides on, and you should be able to control their slides through

NOTE: Bear in mind multiplex feature will not work as expected when 1) the presenter computer firewall denies incomig traffic or 2) the local network does not allow traffic between devices on the port you picked

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type CLI

type CLI struct {

func (*CLI) Run

func (cli *CLI) Run()

type CLIOptions

type CLIOptions struct {
	Port       int    `short:"p" long:"port" description:"tcp port number of this server. default is 3000."`
	Theme      string `` /* 184-byte string literal not displayed */
	Transition string `` /* 134-byte string literal not displayed */
	Multiplex  bool   `long:"multiplex" description:"enable slide multiplexing"`

type MultiplexParam added in v1.1.0

type MultiplexParam struct {
	IsMaster   bool
	Secret     string
	Identifier string

type RevealMultiplexData added in v1.1.0

type RevealMultiplexData struct {
	Secret   string                 `json:"secret,omitempty"`
	SocketId string                 `json:"socketId"`
	State    map[string]interface{} `json:"state"`

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Server) Serve

func (server *Server) Serve(param ServerParam)

type ServerParam

type ServerParam struct {
	Path          string
	Theme         string
	OriginalTheme bool
	Transition    string
	Multiplex     MultiplexParam

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