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var (
	// ErrVolumeNotFound represents error is "volume not found"
	ErrVolumeNotFound = CoreError{volumeNotFound, "volume not found"}

	// ErrVolumeExisted represents error is "volume exist"
	ErrVolumeExisted = CoreError{volumeExisted, "volume exist"}

	// ErrStorageNotFound represents error is "storage not found"
	ErrStorageNotFound = CoreError{storageNotFound, "storage not found"}

	// ErrDriverNotFound represents error is "driver not found"
	ErrDriverNotFound = CoreError{driverNotFound, "driver not found"}

	// ErrLocalMetaNotFound represents error is "local meta not found"
	ErrLocalMetaNotFound = CoreError{localMetaNotFound, "local meta not found"}

	// ErrDisableControl represents error is "disable control server"
	ErrDisableControl = CoreError{disableControl, "disable control server"}


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type CoreError

type CoreError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CoreError represents volume core error struct.

func (CoreError) Error

func (e CoreError) Error() string

Error returns core error message.

func (CoreError) IsDisableControl

func (e CoreError) IsDisableControl() bool

IsDisableControl is used to check error is disableControl or not.

func (CoreError) IsDriverNotFound

func (e CoreError) IsDriverNotFound() bool

IsDriverNotFound is used to check error is driverNotFound or not.

func (CoreError) IsLocalMetaNotFound

func (e CoreError) IsLocalMetaNotFound() bool

IsLocalMetaNotFound is used to check error is localMetaNotFound or not.

func (CoreError) IsStorageNotFound

func (e CoreError) IsStorageNotFound() bool

IsStorageNotFound is used to check error is storageNotFound or not.

func (CoreError) IsVolumeExisted

func (e CoreError) IsVolumeExisted() bool

IsVolumeExisted is used to check error is volumeExisted or not.

func (CoreError) IsVolumeNotFound

func (e CoreError) IsVolumeNotFound() bool

IsVolumeNotFound is used to check error is volumeNotFound or not.

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