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Published: Jan 10, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 0


Gorse Client

Go SDK for Gorse recommender system.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ This SDK is unstable currently. APIs might be changed in later versions.


go get


import ""

gorse := client.NewGorseClient("", "api_key")

    {FeedbackType: "star", UserId: "bob", ItemId: "vuejs:vue", Timestamp: "2022-02-24"},
    {FeedbackType: "star", UserId: "bob", ItemId: "d3:d3", Timestamp: "2022-02-25"},
    {FeedbackType: "star", UserId: "bob", ItemId: "dogfalo:materialize", Timestamp: "2022-02-26"},
    {FeedbackType: "star", UserId: "bob", ItemId: "mozilla:pdf.js", Timestamp: "2022-02-27"},
    {FeedbackType: "star", UserId: "bob", ItemId: "moment:moment", Timestamp: "2022-02-28"},

gorse.GetRecommend("bob", "", 10)


In the root directory of Gorse source:

# Setup Gorse
docker-compose up -d

# Test
go test -tags='integrate_test' ./client/




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type ErrorMessage

type ErrorMessage string

func (ErrorMessage) Error

func (e ErrorMessage) Error() string

type Feedback

type Feedback struct {
	FeedbackType string `json:"FeedbackType"`
	UserId       string `json:"UserId"`
	ItemId       string `json:"ItemId"`
	Timestamp    string `json:"Timestamp"`

type GorseClient

type GorseClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGorseClient

func NewGorseClient(entryPoint, apiKey string) *GorseClient

func (*GorseClient) DeleteItem

func (c *GorseClient) DeleteItem(ctx context.Context, itemId string) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) DeleteUser

func (c *GorseClient) DeleteUser(ctx context.Context, userId string) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) GetItem

func (c *GorseClient) GetItem(ctx context.Context, itemId string) (Item, error)

func (*GorseClient) GetNeighbors

func (c *GorseClient) GetNeighbors(ctx context.Context, itemId string, n int) ([]Score, error)

func (*GorseClient) GetRecommend

func (c *GorseClient) GetRecommend(ctx context.Context, userId string, category string, n int) ([]string, error)

func (*GorseClient) GetUser

func (c *GorseClient) GetUser(ctx context.Context, userId string) (User, error)

func (*GorseClient) InsertFeedback

func (c *GorseClient) InsertFeedback(ctx context.Context, feedbacks []Feedback) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) InsertItem

func (c *GorseClient) InsertItem(ctx context.Context, item Item) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) InsertUser

func (c *GorseClient) InsertUser(ctx context.Context, user User) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) ListFeedbacks

func (c *GorseClient) ListFeedbacks(ctx context.Context, feedbackType, userId string) ([]Feedback, error)

func (*GorseClient) SessionRecommend

func (c *GorseClient) SessionRecommend(ctx context.Context, feedbacks []Feedback, n int) ([]Score, error)

func (*GorseClient) UpdateItem added in v0.4.12

func (c *GorseClient) UpdateItem(ctx context.Context, itemId string, item ItemPatch) (RowAffected, error)

func (*GorseClient) UpdateUser added in v0.4.12

func (c *GorseClient) UpdateUser(ctx context.Context, userId string, user UserPatch) (RowAffected, error)

type Item

type Item struct {
	ItemId     string   `json:"ItemId"`
	IsHidden   bool     `json:"IsHidden"`
	Labels     []string `json:"Labels"`
	Categories []string `json:"Categories"`
	Timestamp  string   `json:"Timestamp"`
	Comment    string   `json:"Comment"`

type ItemPatch added in v0.4.12

type ItemPatch struct {
	IsHidden   *bool
	Categories []string
	Timestamp  *time.Time
	Labels     []string
	Comment    *string

type RowAffected

type RowAffected struct {
	RowAffected int `json:"RowAffected"`

type Score

type Score struct {
	Id    string `json:"Id"`
	Score int    `json:"Score"`

type User

type User struct {
	UserId    string   `json:"UserId"`
	Labels    []string `json:"Labels"`
	Subscribe []string `json:"Subscribe"`
	Comment   string   `json:"Comment"`

type UserPatch added in v0.4.12

type UserPatch struct {
	Labels    []string
	Subscribe []string
	Comment   *string

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