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Package provides simple uniform interface for metrics such as counters, gauges and histograms. It keeps track of metrics in runtime and can be used for some basic web service instrumentation in Go, where complex tools such as Prometheus or InfluxDB are not required.

It is compatible with expvar package, that is also commonly used for monitoring.


// Create new metric. All metrics may take time frames if you want them to keep
// history. If no time frames are given the metric only keeps track of a single
// current value.
c := metric.NewCounter("15m10s") // 15 minutes of history with 10 second precision
// Increment counter
// Return JSON with all recorded counter values
c.String() // Or json.Marshal(c)

// With expvar

// Register a metric
expvar.Publish("latency", metric.NewHistogram("5m1s", "15m30s", "1h1m"))
// Register HTTP handler to visualize metrics
http.Handle("/debug/metrics", metric.Handler(metric.Exposed))

// Measure time and update the metric
start := time.Now()

Metrics are thread-safe and can be updated from background goroutines.

Web UI

Nothing fancy, really, but still better than reading plain JSON. No javascript, only good old HTML, CSS and SVG.

web ui

Of course you may customize a list of metrics to show in the web UI.

If you need precise values - you may use /debug/vars HTTP endpoint provided by expvar.


Code is distributed under MIT license, feel free to use it in your proprietary projects as well.




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func Exposed

func Exposed() map[string]Metric

Exposed returns a map of exposed metrics (see expvar package).

func Handler

func Handler(snapshot func() map[string]Metric) http.Handler

Handler returns an http.Handler that renders web UI for all provided metrics.


type Metric

type Metric interface {
	Add(n float64)
	String() string

Metric is a single meter (counter, gauge or histogram, optionally - with history)

func NewCounter

func NewCounter(frames ...string) Metric

NewCounter returns a counter metric that increments the value with each incoming number.

func NewGauge

func NewGauge(frames ...string) Metric

NewGauge returns a gauge metric that sums up the incoming values and returns mean/min/max of the resulting distribution.

func NewHistogram

func NewHistogram(frames ...string) Metric

NewHistogram returns a histogram metric that calculates 50%, 90% and 99% percentiles of the incoming numbers.


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