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Package strslice provides a few helper functions for dealing with []string.



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func Common

func Common(a, b []string) []string

func Contains

func Contains(list []string, a string) bool

Contains checks if a string is in a []string, returns bool.

func ContainsCaseDiacriticsInsensitive added in v0.37.0

func ContainsCaseDiacriticsInsensitive(list []string, a string) bool

ContainsCaseDiacriticsInsensitive checks if a string is in a []string, regardless of case or diacritics.

func ContainsCaseInsensitive

func ContainsCaseInsensitive(list []string, a string) bool

ContainsCaseInsensitive checks if a string is in a []string, regardless of case.

func Equal added in v0.26.0

func Equal(a, b []string) bool

Equal tells whether a and b contain the same elements.

func EqualCaseInsensitive added in v0.26.0

func EqualCaseInsensitive(a, b []string) bool

Equal tells whether a and b contain the same elements, regardless of case.

func HasDuplicates added in v0.26.0

func HasDuplicates(options []string) bool

HasDuplicates in []string.

func Remove

func Remove(s []string, r string) []string

Remove a particular string.

func RemoveCaseDiacriticsInsensitive added in v0.37.0

func RemoveCaseDiacriticsInsensitive(s []string, r string) []string

RemoveCaseDiacriticsInsensitive a particular string.

func RemoveCaseInsensitive added in v0.22.0

func RemoveCaseInsensitive(s []string, r string) []string

RemoveCaseInsensitive a particular string.

func RemoveDuplicates

func RemoveDuplicates(options *[]string, otherStringsToClean ...string)

RemoveDuplicates in []string.

func RemoveDuplicatesCaseDiacriticsInsensitive added in v0.35.0

func RemoveDuplicatesCaseDiacriticsInsensitive(options *[]string, otherStringsToClean ...string)

RemoveDuplicatesCaseDiacriticsInsensitive in []string.

func RemoveDuplicatesCaseInsensitive added in v0.29.0

func RemoveDuplicatesCaseInsensitive(options *[]string, otherStringsToClean ...string)

RemoveDuplicatesCaseInsensitive in []string.

func ToIntSlice

func ToIntSlice(in []string) ([]int, error)


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