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Published: Dec 16, 2021 License: MIT


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more about that name

A helpdesk bot, used as part of etke.cc service.


  • TBD


  • process files
  • process images
  • Email<->Matrix helpdesk
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • autoleave empty rooms and notify about that (requires persistent store)

How it works

  1. You configure Honoroit and start it
  2. Any matrix user starts a chat with honoroit bot and and sends it a message
  3. Honoroit with copy that message (any any following messages) to the predefined room, where will start a thread with name Request by <MXID>, posting all original messages in that thread.
  4. You can answer in the same thread and honoroit will copy your messages from that thread to the user's 1:1 with honoroit
  5. When request fulfilled, send @honoroit:your.server done - bot will send a message to the user's 1:1 chat that ticket has been closed and will leave that chat. You can safely remove the thread after that.


env vars

  • HONOROIT_HOMESERVER - homeserver url, eg: https://matrix.example.com
  • HONOROIT_LOGIN - user login/localpart, eg: honoroit
  • HONOROIT_PASSWORD - user password
  • HONOROIT_ROOMID - room ID where threads will be created, eg: !test:example.com
  • HONOROIT_LOGLEVEL - log level
  • HONOROIT_TEXT_GREETINGS - a message sent to customer on first contact
  • HONOROIT_TEXT_ERROR - a message sent to customer if something goes wrong
  • HONOROIT_TEXT_EMPTYROOM - a message sent to backoffice/threads room when customer left his room
  • HONOROIT_TEXT_DONE - a message sent to customer when request marked as done in the threads room

You can find default values in config/defaults.go

Where to get

Binary releases, docker registry, etke.cc


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