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const (
	RPCServiceNameV0 = `RpcServerDriver`
	RPCServiceNameV1 = `RPCServerDriver`

	HeartbeatMethod          = `.Heartbeat`
	GetVersionMethod         = `.GetVersion`
	CloseMethod              = `.Close`
	GetCreateFlagsMethod     = `.GetCreateFlags`
	SetConfigRawMethod       = `.SetConfigRaw`
	GetConfigRawMethod       = `.GetConfigRaw`
	DriverNameMethod         = `.DriverName`
	SetConfigFromFlagsMethod = `.SetConfigFromFlags`
	GetURLMethod             = `.GetURL`
	GetMachineNameMethod     = `.GetMachineName`
	GetIPMethod              = `.GetIP`
	GetSSHHostnameMethod     = `.GetSSHHostname`
	GetSSHKeyPathMethod      = `.GetSSHKeyPath`
	GetSSHPortMethod         = `.GetSSHPort`
	GetSSHUsernameMethod     = `.GetSSHUsername`
	GetStateMethod           = `.GetState`
	PreCreateCheckMethod     = `.PreCreateCheck`
	CreateMethod             = `.Create`
	RemoveMethod             = `.Remove`
	StartMethod              = `.Start`
	StopMethod               = `.Stop`
	RestartMethod            = `.Restart`
	KillMethod               = `.Kill`
	UpgradeMethod            = `.Upgrade`


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type DefaultRPCClientDriverFactory

type DefaultRPCClientDriverFactory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DefaultRPCClientDriverFactory) Close

func (*DefaultRPCClientDriverFactory) NewRPCClientDriver

func (f *DefaultRPCClientDriverFactory) NewRPCClientDriver(driverName string, rawDriver []byte) (*RPCClientDriver, error)

type InternalClient

type InternalClient struct {
	MachineName string
	RPCClient   *rpc.Client
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewInternalClient

func NewInternalClient(rpcclient *rpc.Client) *InternalClient

func (*InternalClient) Call

func (ic *InternalClient) Call(serviceMethod string, args interface{}, reply interface{}) error

type RPCCall

type RPCCall struct {
	ServiceMethod string
	Args          interface{}
	Reply         interface{}

type RPCClientDriver

type RPCClientDriver struct {
	Client *InternalClient
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*RPCClientDriver) Create

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Create() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) DriverName

func (c *RPCClientDriver) DriverName() string

DriverName returns the name of the driver

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetConfigRaw

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetConfigRaw() ([]byte, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetCreateFlags

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetCreateFlags() []mcnflag.Flag

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetIP

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetIP() (string, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetMachineName

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetMachineName() string

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetSSHHostname

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetSSHHostname() (string, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetSSHKeyPath

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetSSHKeyPath() string

GetSSHKeyPath returns the key path TODO: This method doesn't even make sense to have with RPC.

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetSSHPort

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetSSHPort() (int, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetSSHUsername

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetSSHUsername() string

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetState

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetState() (state.State, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) GetURL

func (c *RPCClientDriver) GetURL() (string, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) Kill

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Kill() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) MarshalJSON

func (c *RPCClientDriver) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (*RPCClientDriver) PreCreateCheck

func (c *RPCClientDriver) PreCreateCheck() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) Remove

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Remove() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) Restart

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Restart() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (c *RPCClientDriver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags drivers.DriverOptions) error

func (*RPCClientDriver) SetConfigRaw

func (c *RPCClientDriver) SetConfigRaw(data []byte) error

func (*RPCClientDriver) Start

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Start() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) Stop

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Stop() error

func (*RPCClientDriver) UnmarshalJSON

func (c *RPCClientDriver) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

func (*RPCClientDriver) Upgrade

func (c *RPCClientDriver) Upgrade() error

type RPCClientDriverFactory

type RPCClientDriverFactory interface {
	NewRPCClientDriver(driverName string, rawDriver []byte) (*RPCClientDriver, error)

func NewRPCClientDriverFactory

func NewRPCClientDriverFactory() RPCClientDriverFactory

type RPCFlags

type RPCFlags struct {
	Values map[string]interface{}

func (RPCFlags) Bool

func (r RPCFlags) Bool(key string) bool

func (RPCFlags) Get

func (r RPCFlags) Get(key string) interface{}

func (RPCFlags) Int

func (r RPCFlags) Int(key string) int

func (RPCFlags) String

func (r RPCFlags) String(key string) string

func (RPCFlags) StringSlice

func (r RPCFlags) StringSlice(key string) []string

type RPCServerDriver

type RPCServerDriver struct {
	ActualDriver drivers.Driver
	CloseCh      chan bool
	HeartbeatCh  chan bool

func NewRPCServerDriver

func NewRPCServerDriver(d drivers.Driver) *RPCServerDriver

func (*RPCServerDriver) Close

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Close(_, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Create

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Create(_, _ *struct{}) (err error)

func (*RPCServerDriver) DriverName

func (r *RPCServerDriver) DriverName(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetConfigRaw

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetConfigRaw(_ *struct{}, reply *[]byte) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetCreateFlags

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetCreateFlags(_ *struct{}, reply *[]mcnflag.Flag) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetIP

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetIP(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetMachineName

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetMachineName(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetSSHHostname

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetSSHHostname(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetSSHKeyPath

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetSSHKeyPath(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetSSHPort

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetSSHPort(_ *struct{}, reply *int) error

GetSSHPort returns port for use with ssh

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetSSHUsername

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetSSHUsername(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetState

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetState(_ *struct{}, reply *state.State) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetURL

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetURL(_ *struct{}, reply *string) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) GetVersion

func (r *RPCServerDriver) GetVersion(_ *struct{}, reply *int) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Heartbeat

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Heartbeat(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Kill

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Kill(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) PreCreateCheck

func (r *RPCServerDriver) PreCreateCheck(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Remove

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Remove(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Restart

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Restart(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (r *RPCServerDriver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags *drivers.DriverOptions, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) SetConfigRaw

func (r *RPCServerDriver) SetConfigRaw(data []byte, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Start

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Start(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

func (*RPCServerDriver) Stop

func (r *RPCServerDriver) Stop(_ *struct{}, _ *struct{}) error

type Stacker

type Stacker interface {
	Stack() []byte

type StandardStack

type StandardStack struct{}

func (*StandardStack) Stack

func (ss *StandardStack) Stack() []byte

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