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func Action

func Action(key uint8, valuer midiline.Valuer) midiline.Action

ToControlChange converts the given valuer to a polyphonic after touch message if the given matcher matches.


// To get a transformer that converts MIDI notes between 40 and 50 on channel2 to polyphonic aftertouch messages on key 23, use
var m = midiline.And(typ.Channel2,message.NoteKeyRange(40,50,true))
var t = to_polyphonicaftertouch.Transform(23, m, value.NoteKey)

func ActionScale

func ActionScale(key uint8, valuer midiline.Valuer, scaler func(uint8) uint8) midiline.Action

TransformScale is like Transform but allows a scaler function to calculate the message value from the valuer value.


// To get a transformer that converts MIDI note 64 on channel2 to polyphonic aftertouch message on key 23 with value of 76, use
var m = midiline.And(typ.Channel2,message.NoteKey(64,true))
var t = TransformScale(23, m, value.NoteKey, func (in uint8) (out uint8){ return in+12 })

func MapToNote

func MapToNote() midiline.Action

MapToNote maps the incoming note on/note off messages to polyphonic after touch messages, where channel and key corresponds are the same and the velocity of the note on message becomes the value. Note off messages send a value of 0.

func MapToNoteScale

func MapToNoteScale(scaler func(uint8) uint8) midiline.Action

MapToNoteScale is like MapToNote, but calls the scaler function to convert velocity to after touch value.


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