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func InitializeKubernetes

func InitializeKubernetes(kubeconfig string, logger ign.Logger) (orchestrator.Cluster, error)

InitializeKubernetes initializes a new Kubernetes orchestrator. `kubeconfig` is the path to the target cluster's kubeconfig file. If it is empty, the default config is used.

func NewCustomKubernetes

func NewCustomKubernetes(config Config) orchestrator.Cluster

NewCustomKubernetes returns a orchestrator.Cluster implementation using Kubernetes. All the subcomponents provided by the Config should be already initialized.

func NewDefaultKubernetes

func NewDefaultKubernetes(api kubernetes.Interface, spdyInit spdy.Initializer, logger ign.Logger) orchestrator.Cluster

NewDefaultKubernetes initializes the set of Kubernetes subcomponents using the given kubernetes client api, spdy initializer and logger.

func NewFakeKubernetes

func NewFakeKubernetes(logger ign.Logger) orchestrator.Cluster

NewFakeKubernetes initializes the set of Kubernetes subcomponents using fake implementations.


type Config

type Config struct {
	Nodes           nodes.Nodes
	Pods            pods.Pods
	Ingresses       ingresses.Ingresses
	IngressRules    ingresses.IngressRules
	Services        services.Services
	NetworkPolicies network.Policies

Config is used to group the inputs for NewCustomKubernetes. It includes all the needed subcomponents required by Kubernetes.

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