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var (
	// ErrPeerExists indicates that two peers are already connected. The string
	// of this error needs to be updated if the string of errPeerExists in the
	// gateway package is changed.
	ErrPeerExists = errors.New("already connected to this peer")


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type Client

type Client struct {
	// Address is the API address of the siad server.
	Address string

	// Password must match the password of the siad server.
	Password string

	// UserAgent must match the User-Agent required by the siad server. If not
	// set, it defaults to "Sia-Agent".
	UserAgent string

A Client makes requests to the siad HTTP API.

func New

func New(address string) *Client

New creates a new Client using the provided address.

func (*Client) ConsensusGet

func (c *Client) ConsensusGet() (cg api.ConsensusGET, err error)

ConsensusGet requests the /consensus api resource

func (*Client) DaemonStopGet

func (c *Client) DaemonStopGet() (err error)

DaemonStopGet stops the daemon using the /daemon/stop endpoint.

func (*Client) DaemonVersionGet

func (c *Client) DaemonVersionGet() (dvg api.DaemonVersionGet, err error)

DaemonVersionGet requests the /daemon/version resource

func (*Client) GatewayConnectPost

func (c *Client) GatewayConnectPost(address modules.NetAddress) (err error)

GatewayConnectPost uses the /gateway/connect/:address endpoint to connect to the gateway at address

func (*Client) GatewayGet

func (c *Client) GatewayGet() (gwg api.GatewayGET, err error)

GatewayGet requests the /gateway api resource

func (*Client) HostAcceptingContractsPost

func (c *Client) HostAcceptingContractsPost(acceptingContracts bool) (err error)

HostAcceptingContractsPost uses the /host endpoint to change the acceptingcontracts field of the host's settings

func (*Client) HostAnnouncePost

func (c *Client) HostAnnouncePost() (err error)

HostAnnouncePost uses the /host/announce endpoint to announce the host to the network

func (*Client) HostDbActiveGet

func (c *Client) HostDbActiveGet() (hdag api.HostdbActiveGET, err error)

HostDbActiveGet requests the /hostdb/active endpoint's resources

func (*Client) HostGet

func (c *Client) HostGet() (hg api.HostGET, err error)

HostGet requests the /host endpoint.

func (*Client) HostStorageFoldersAddPost

func (c *Client) HostStorageFoldersAddPost(path string, size uint64) (err error)

HostStorageFoldersAddPost uses the /host/storage/folders/add api endpoint to add a storage folder to a host

func (*Client) MinerHeaderGet

func (c *Client) MinerHeaderGet() (target types.Target, bh types.BlockHeader, err error)

MinerHeaderGet uses the /miner/header endpoint to get a header for work.

func (*Client) MinerHeaderPost

func (c *Client) MinerHeaderPost(bh types.BlockHeader) (err error)

MinerHeaderPost uses the /miner/header endpoint to submit a solved block header that was previously received from the same endpoint

func (*Client) MinerStartGet

func (c *Client) MinerStartGet() (err error)

MinerStartGet uses the /miner/start endpoint to start the cpu miner.

func (*Client) MinerStopGet

func (c *Client) MinerStopGet() (err error)

MinerStopGet uses the /miner/stop endpoint to stop the cpu miner.

func (*Client) NewRequest

func (c *Client) NewRequest(method, resource string, body io.Reader) (*http.Request, error)

NewRequest constructs a request to the siad HTTP API, setting the correct User-Agent and Basic Auth. The resource path must begin with /.

func (*Client) RenterContractsGet

func (c *Client) RenterContractsGet() (rc api.RenterContracts, err error)

RenterContractsGet requests the /renter/contracts resource

func (*Client) RenterDeletePost

func (c *Client) RenterDeletePost(siaPath string) (err error)

RenterDeletePost uses the /renter/delete endpoint to delete a file.

func (*Client) RenterDownloadGet

func (c *Client) RenterDownloadGet(siaPath, destination string, offset, length uint64, async bool) (err error)

RenterDownloadGet uses the /renter/download endpoint to download a file to a destination on disk.

func (*Client) RenterDownloadHTTPResponseGet

func (c *Client) RenterDownloadHTTPResponseGet(siaPath string, offset, length uint64) (resp []byte, err error)

RenterDownloadHTTPResponseGet uses the /renter/download endpoint to download a file and return its data.

func (*Client) RenterDownloadsGet

func (c *Client) RenterDownloadsGet() (rdq api.RenterDownloadQueue, err error)

RenterDownloadsGet requests the /renter/downloads resource

func (*Client) RenterFilesGet

func (c *Client) RenterFilesGet() (rf api.RenterFiles, err error)

RenterFilesGet requests the /renter/files resource

func (*Client) RenterPost

func (c *Client) RenterPost(allowance modules.Allowance) (err error)

RenterPost uses the /renter endpoint to change the renter's allowance

func (*Client) RenterUploadPost

func (c *Client) RenterUploadPost(path, siaPath string, dataPieces, parityPieces uint64) (err error)

RenterUploadPost uses the /renter/upload endpoin to upload a file

func (*Client) WalletAddressGet

func (c *Client) WalletAddressGet() (wag api.WalletAddressGET, err error)

WalletAddressGet requests a new address from the /wallet/address endpoint

func (*Client) WalletGet

func (c *Client) WalletGet() (wg api.WalletGET, err error)

WalletGet requests the /wallet api resource

func (*Client) WalletInitPost

func (c *Client) WalletInitPost(password string, force bool) (wip api.WalletInitPOST, err error)

WalletInitPost uses the /wallet/init endpoint to initialize and encrypt a wallet

func (*Client) WalletSiacoinsMultiPost

func (c *Client) WalletSiacoinsMultiPost(outputs []types.SiacoinOutput) (wsp api.WalletSiacoinsPOST, err error)

WalletSiacoinsMultiPost uses the /wallet/siacoin api endpoint to send money to multiple addresses at once

func (*Client) WalletSiacoinsPost

func (c *Client) WalletSiacoinsPost(amount types.Currency, destination types.UnlockHash) (wsp api.WalletSiacoinsPOST, err error)

WalletSiacoinsPost uses the /wallet/siacoins api endpoint to send money to a single address

func (*Client) WalletTransactionsGet

func (c *Client) WalletTransactionsGet(startHeight types.BlockHeight, endHeight types.BlockHeight) (wtg api.WalletTransactionsGET, err error)

WalletTransactionsGet requests the/wallet/transactions api resource for a certain startheight and endheight

func (*Client) WalletUnlockPost

func (c *Client) WalletUnlockPost(password string) (err error)

WalletUnlockPost uses the /wallet/unlock endpoint to unlock the wallet with a given encryption key. Per default this key is the seed.

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