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func AtomC2338

func AtomC2338() hw.Proc

func AtomC2538

func AtomC2538() hw.Proc

func AtomC2558

func AtomC2558() hw.Proc

func AtomC2758

func AtomC2758() hw.Proc

func AtomC3558

func AtomC3558() hw.Proc

func AtomE3845

func AtomE3845() hw.Proc

func BCMCoretexA9

func BCMCoretexA9(cores int) hw.Proc

func ConnectX4_1x10

func ConnectX4_1x10() hw.Nic

func ConnectX4_1x25

func ConnectX4_1x25() hw.Nic

func ConnectX4_1x50

func ConnectX4_1x50() hw.Nic

func ConnectX4_2x100

func ConnectX4_2x100() hw.Nic

ConnectX4_2x100 is a Mellanox 4th generation dual port 100 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX4_2x25

func ConnectX4_2x25() hw.Nic

ConnectX4_2x25 is a Mellanox 4th generation dual port 25 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX4_2x25_OCP

func ConnectX4_2x25_OCP() hw.Nic

func ConnectX5_1x50

func ConnectX5_1x50() hw.Nic

func ConnectX5_2x100

func ConnectX5_2x100() hw.Nic

ConnectX5_2x100 is a Mellanox 5th generation dual port 100 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX5_2x25

func ConnectX5_2x25() hw.Nic

func ConnectX5_2x25_OCP

func ConnectX5_2x25_OCP() hw.Nic

func ConnectX6_1x100

func ConnectX6_1x100() hw.Nic

ConnectX6_1x100 is a Mellanox 6th generation dual port 100 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX6_2x100

func ConnectX6_2x100() hw.Nic

ConnectX6_2x100 is a Mellanox 6th generation dual port 100 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX6_2x200

func ConnectX6_2x200() hw.Nic

ConnectX6_2x200 is a Mellanox 6th generation dual port 200 gbps NIC.

func ConnectX6_2x50

func ConnectX6_2x50() hw.Nic

ConnectX4_2x50 is a Mellanox 6th generation dual port 50 gbps NIC.

func CrucialMx500

func CrucialMx500() hw.Disk

func D3_P4610_1920

func D3_P4610_1920() hw.Disk

func D3_P4610_3200

func D3_P4610_3200() hw.Disk

func D3_S4510_1920

func D3_S4510_1920() hw.Disk

func D3_S4610_960

func D3_S4610_960() hw.Disk

func DC_P4101_256

func DC_P4101_256() hw.Disk

func DC_P4510_1000

func DC_P4510_1000() hw.Disk

func DC_P4510_2000

func DC_P4510_2000() hw.Disk

func DC_P4510_4000

func DC_P4510_4000() hw.Disk

func DC_P4511_1024

func DC_P4511_1024() hw.Disk

func DC_P4610_1600

func DC_P4610_1600() hw.Disk

func DC_S3500_120

func DC_S3500_120() hw.Disk

func DC_S3520

func DC_S3520() hw.Disk

func EMMC_32

func EMMC_32() hw.Disk

func EXOS7E200_1024

func EXOS7E200_1024() hw.Disk

func Epyc7281

func Epyc7281() hw.Proc

func Epyc7301

func Epyc7301() hw.Proc

func Epyc7302

func Epyc7302() hw.Proc

Epyc7302 is a 16 core 3.0 Ghz second generation AMD Epyc processor.

func Epyc7351

func Epyc7351() hw.Proc

func Epyc7402

func Epyc7402() hw.Proc

func Epyc7452

func Epyc7452() hw.Proc

func Epyc7502

func Epyc7502() hw.Proc

Epyc7502 is a 32 core 3.0 Ghz second generation AMD Epyc processor.

func Epyc7551

func Epyc7551() hw.Proc

Epyc7551 is a 32 core 2.0 Ghz first generation model AMD Epyc processor.

func Epyc7601

func Epyc7601() hw.Proc

Epyc7601 is a 32 core 2.2 Ghz first generation model AMD Epyc processor.

func Epyc7621

func Epyc7621() hw.Proc

Epyc7621 is an 8 core 2.5 Ghz first generation model AMD Epyc processor.

func GenericDimm

func GenericDimm(capacity uint64, frequency uint64, typ hw.MemoryType) hw.Dimm

func GenericDisk

func GenericDisk(capacity uint64, ff hw.DiskFormFactor, ifx hw.DiskInterface) hw.Disk

func Gigabyte1100WPSU

func Gigabyte1100WPSU() hw.PSU

func Gigabyte1200WPSU

func Gigabyte1200WPSU() hw.PSU

func Gigabyte1600WPSU

func Gigabyte1600WPSU() hw.PSU

func Gigabyte2200WPSU

func Gigabyte2200WPSU() hw.PSU

func I210AT

func I210AT() hw.Nic

func I350AM2

func I350AM2() hw.Nic

I350AM2 like I350-DA2 but with server management capabilities

func I350DA2

func I350DA2() hw.Nic

I350DA2 is a thing

func I350DA4

func I350DA4() hw.Nic

I350DA4 is a thing

func Intel7600P_1TB

func Intel7600P_1TB() hw.Disk

func Ipmi

func Ipmi() hw.Nic

Ipmi is an IPMI NIC

func Mellanox765WPSU

func Mellanox765WPSU() hw.PSU

func NetronomeLX100

func NetronomeLX100() hw.Nic

func PentiumD1508

func PentiumD1508() hw.Proc

func Quanta215WPSU

func Quanta215WPSU() hw.PSU

func Quanta66WPSU

func Quanta66WPSU() hw.PSU

func RTX6000

func RTX6000() hw.GPU

func SeagateEnterpriseHDD_6TB

func SeagateEnterpriseHDD_6TB() hw.Disk

func Supermicro450WPSU

func Supermicro450WPSU() hw.PSU

func X550_AT2

func X550_AT2() hw.Nic

X550_AT2 is an Intel dual port 10G BaseT NIC

func X553_AT8

func X553_AT8() hw.Nic

X553_AT8 is an Intel 8 port 1G BaseT NIC

func X553_DA2

func X553_DA2() hw.Nic

X553_DA2 is an Intel dual port 10G SFP NIC

func X722

func X722() hw.Nic

X722 is a thing

func XL710DA4

func XL710DA4() hw.Nic

XL710DA4 is a thing

func XXV710DA2_OCP

func XXV710DA2_OCP() hw.Nic

func XeonD1527

func XeonD1527() hw.Proc

func XeonD2146NT

func XeonD2146NT() hw.Proc

func XeonE31260L

func XeonE31260L() hw.Proc

func XeonE52420v2

func XeonE52420v2() hw.Proc

func XeonE52620v2

func XeonE52620v2() hw.Proc

func XeonE52650V4

func XeonE52650V4() hw.Proc

func XeonGold6246

func XeonGold6246() hw.Proc

XeonGold6246 is a 12 core Xeon Gold processor

func XeonGold6252N

func XeonGold6252N() hw.Proc

XeonGold6252N is a 24 core Xeon Gold processor specialized for network processing.

func XeonSilver4215

func XeonSilver4215() hw.Proc

XeonSilver4215 is an 8 core Xeon Silver series processor.

func XeonSilver4216

func XeonSilver4216() hw.Proc

XeonSilver4216 is a 16 core Xeon Silver series processor.


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