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var (
	ErrMatchExp    = errors.New("error while matching at expression level")
	ErrMatchParams = errors.New("error while matching at parameters level")
	ErrMatchParam  = errors.New("error while matching at parameter level")


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var (
	ErrIlQuoteCharInID       = errors.New(`illegal character " in identifier-value`)
	ErrIlQuoteCharInParamID  = errors.New(`illegal character " in parameter-identifier-value`)
	ErrIlQuoteCharInParamVal = errors.New(`illegal character " in parameter-value`)



func WriteAll

func WriteAll(w Writer, es []*Expression) error

WriteAll processes all expressions and writes the according text-represenation


type Expression

type Expression struct {
	// mandatory
	Identifier string
	Value      []byte
	// optional
	Parameters Parameters

Expression can hold any iCalendar expression

func LexAll

func LexAll(l Lexer) ([]*Expression, error)

LexAll processes all lines and returns the according Expressions

func ReadLine

func ReadLine(l []byte) (ex Expression, err error)

ReadLine takes a string and tries to map it to an Expression

type Lexer

type Lexer interface {
	Next() (*Expression, error)

Lexer processes a iCalendar document provided as an io.Reader line by line

func NewLexer

func NewLexer(r io.Reader) Lexer

NewLexer returns a pointer to this package's implementation of a lexer.Lexer

type Parameters

type Parameters map[string][][]byte

Parameters holds a set of parameters for an Expression

type Writer

type Writer interface {
	Write(*Expression) (int, error)

Writer takes an []*Expression and writes the given expression's text-representation in iCalendar format to the underlying io.Writer when the Write() function is called

func NewWriter

func NewWriter(w io.Writer) Writer

NewWriter returns a pointer to this package's implementation of a lexer.Writer

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