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func EncodeResponse

func EncodeResponse(code string, status string, data interface{}, w http.ResponseWriter, fail2banData *utils.Fail2BanData) error

func ParseForm

func ParseForm(body string, form HTTPForm) error

func ReadAll

func ReadAll(r io.ReadCloser) (string, error)

func VerifyAndDecrypt

func VerifyAndDecrypt(request *Request, recipientPrivateKeyPem string, cryptoStorage *cryptoutils.CryptoStorage) (string, string, error)


type HTTPForm

type HTTPForm interface {
	InputValidation() error

type Request

type Request struct {
	Response      string `json:"response"`
	Signature     string `json:"signature"`
	NonceResponse string `json:"nonceResponse"`
	ID            string `json:"id"`
	IDSignature   string `json:"idSignature"`
	NonceID       string `json:"nonceID"`
	Key           string `json:"key"`
	PublicKey     string `json:"publicKey"`

func ParseRequest

func ParseRequest(r *http.Request) (*Request, error)

func SignAndEncryptResponse

func SignAndEncryptResponse(data interface{}, id string,
	senderPrivateKeyPem string, senderPublicKeyPem string,
	recipientPublicKeyPem string, putSenderPublicKey bool) (*Request, error)

func (*Request) InputValidation

func (e *Request) InputValidation() error

type Response

type Response struct {
	Status string      `json:"status"`
	Code   string      `json:"code"`
	Data   interface{} `json:"data"`

func ParseResponse

func ParseResponse(resp *http.Response) (*Response, error)

func (*Response) InputValidation

func (e *Response) InputValidation() error

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