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Published: May 15, 2021 License: GPL-3.0 Imports: 6 Imported by: 0



Package config implements all the configuration parameters of the system and their handling.



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const ConfigurationFileName = "p2p_faas-scheduler.json"

const ConfigurationFilePath = "/config"

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const ConfigurationSchedulerFileName = "p2p_faas-scheduler-config.json"
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const DataPath = "/data"
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const DefaultFunctionsRunningMax = 10
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const DefaultListeningPort = 18080
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const DefaultOpenFaaSListeningHost = "faas-swarm"


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const DefaultOpenFaaSListeningPort = 8080
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const DefaultQueueLengthMax = 100
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const DefaultStackDiscoveryListeningHost = "discovery"


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const DefaultStackDiscoveryListeningPort = 19000
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const EnvProfiling = "P2PFAAS_PROF"
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const EnvRunningEnvironment = "P2PFAAS_DEV_ENV"


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const Name = "p2pfaas-scheduler"
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const RunningEnvironmentDevelopment = "development"
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const RunningEnvironmentProduction = "production"


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const Version = "0.2.3b"


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var ConfigurationReadFromFile = false
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var OpenFaaSPassword = "admin"
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var OpenFaaSUsername = "admin"

* Variables


func GetConfigFilePath

func GetConfigFilePath() string

func GetConfigSchedulerFilePath

func GetConfigSchedulerFilePath() string

func GetDataPath

func GetDataPath() string

GetDataPath returns the path in which the application can write data files

func SaveConfigurationSchedulerToConfigFile

func SaveConfigurationSchedulerToConfigFile(descriptor *types.SchedulerDescriptor) error

func SaveConfigurationToConfigFile

func SaveConfigurationToConfigFile() error

func Start

func Start()


type ConfigError

type ConfigError struct{}

func (ConfigError) Error

func (ConfigError) Error() string

type ConfigurationSet

type ConfigurationSet struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields
var Configuration ConfigurationSet

func ReadConfigFile

func ReadConfigFile() (*ConfigurationSet, error)

func (ConfigurationSet) GetConfiguration

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetConfiguration() *ConfigurationSetExp

GetConfiguration obtains the configuration with exported fields

func (ConfigurationSet) GetDiscoveryListeningHost

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetDiscoveryListeningHost() string

func (ConfigurationSet) GetDiscoveryListeningPort

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetDiscoveryListeningPort() uint

func (ConfigurationSet) GetListeningPort

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetListeningPort() uint

func (ConfigurationSet) GetOpenFaasListeningHost

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetOpenFaasListeningHost() string

func (ConfigurationSet) GetOpenFaasListeningPort

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetOpenFaasListeningPort() uint

func (ConfigurationSet) GetQueueLengthMax

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetQueueLengthMax() uint

func (ConfigurationSet) GetRunningEnvironment

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetRunningEnvironment() string

func (ConfigurationSet) GetRunningFunctionMax

func (c ConfigurationSet) GetRunningFunctionMax() uint

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetConfiguration

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetConfiguration(exp *ConfigurationSetExp)

SetConfiguration updates the entire configuration

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetDiscoveryListeningHost

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetDiscoveryListeningHost(s string)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetDiscoveryListeningPort

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetDiscoveryListeningPort(n uint)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetFaasListeningHost

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetFaasListeningHost(s string)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetFaasListeningPort

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetFaasListeningPort(n uint)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetListeningPort

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetListeningPort(n uint)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetQueueLengthMax

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetQueueLengthMax(n uint)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetRunningEnvironment

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetRunningEnvironment(s string)

func (*ConfigurationSet) SetRunningFunctionMax

func (c *ConfigurationSet) SetRunningFunctionMax(n uint)

type ConfigurationSetExp

type ConfigurationSetExp struct {
	RunningFunctionMax     uint   `json:"running_functions_max" bson:"running_functions_max"`
	QueueLengthMax         uint   `json:"queue_length_max" bson:"queue_length_max"`
	ListeningPort          uint   `json:"listening_port" bson:"listening_port"`
	OpenFaasListeningPort  uint   `json:"faas_listening_port" bson:"faas_listening_port"`
	OpenFaasListeningHost  string `json:"faas_listening_host" bson:"faas_listening_host"`
	DiscoveryListeningPort uint   `json:"discovery_listening_port" bson:"discovery_listening_port"`
	DiscoveryListeningHost string `json:"discovery_listening_host" bson:"discovery_listening_host"`
	RunningEnvironment     string `json:"running_environment" bson:"running_environment"`

func GetDefaultConfiguration

func GetDefaultConfiguration() *ConfigurationSetExp

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