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Package types implement all structs used in the project.



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type APIResponse

type APIResponse struct {
	Headers    http.Header `json:"headers"`
	Body       []byte      `json:"body"`
	StatusCode int         `json:"status_code"`

type Load

type Load struct {
	// general info
	SchedulerName string `json:"scheduler_name"`
	// functions-related
	FunctionsDeployed      uint `json:"functions_deployed"`
	FunctionsTotalReplicas uint `json:"functions_total_replicas"`
	FunctionsRunning       uint `json:"functions_running"`
	FunctionsRunningMax    uint `json:"functions_running_max"`
	// queue-related
	QueueLengthMax uint `json:"queue_max_length"`
	QueueFill      int  `json:"queue_fill"`

type PeerJobRequest

type PeerJobRequest struct {
	// Function    faas.Function     `json:"function"`     // the function that we want to execute
	FunctionName string            `json:"function_name"` // the function name to execute
	Hops         int               `json:"hops"`          // number of times the job is forwarded
	PeersList    []PeersListMember `json:"peers_list"`    // list of peers that handled the job
	Payload      string            `json:"payload"`       // the payload of the request in base64 string
	ContentType  string            `json:"content_type"`  // the mime type of the payload

type PeerJobResponse

type PeerJobResponse struct {
	PeersList  []PeersListMember `json:"peers_list"`  // list of peers that handled the job
	Body       string            `json:"body"`        // base64 encoded
	StatusCode int               `json:"status_code"` // job response status code

type PeersListMember

type PeersListMember struct {
	MachineId string  `json:"machine_id"`
	MachineIp string  `json:"machine_ip"`
	Timings   Timings `json:"timings"` // timing referred to the passage in that machine

type SchedulerDescriptor

type SchedulerDescriptor struct {
	Name       string   `json:"name"`
	Parameters []string `json:"parameters"`

type ServiceRequest

type ServiceRequest struct {
	Id                 uint64 // unique id assigned to the request
	ServiceName        string // Name of the function to be executed
	Payload            []byte
	ContentType        string
	External           bool // If the service request comes from another node and not user
	ExternalJobRequest *PeerJobRequest

type Timings

type Timings struct {
	ExecutionTime  *float64 `json:"execution_time,omitempty"`  // the time of executing the job comprising the GET to openfaas
	TotalTime      *float64 `json:"total_time,omitempty"`      // elapsed time from job arrival til its completed execution
	SchedulingTime *float64 `json:"scheduling_time,omitempty"` // elapsed time for a job to be scheduled
	ProbingTime    *float64 `json:"probing_time,omitempty"`    // elapsed time for a job to probe other nodes

type TimingsStart

type TimingsStart struct {
	ArrivedAt        *time.Time `json:"arrived_at,omitempty"`         // time at which job arrives
	StartedProbingAt *time.Time `json:"started_probing_at,omitempty"` // time at which probing is started
	EndedProbingAt   *time.Time `json:"ended_probing_at,omitempty"`   // time at which probing is ended
	ScheduledAt      *time.Time `json:"scheduled_at,omitempty"`       // time at which job is scheduled internally or externally

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