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var LogFatalHandler func(format string, v ...interface{}) = func(format string, v ...interface{}) {
	log.Fatalf(format, v...)

LogFatalHandler can be overridden if needed


func CatchInterruptSignal

func CatchInterruptSignal(handler func())

CatchInterruptSignal listens for external interrupt signals, if happens, runs a handler

func HandlePanic

func HandlePanic(message string, messageHandler func(message string))

HandlePanic recovers from panic and prints the message

func IfErrorThenExit

func IfErrorThenExit(err error, message string, logHandlers ...func(format string, v ...interface{}))

IfErrorThenExit checks if error is not nil, prints message and exit

func Periodic

func Periodic(freq time.Duration, startNow bool, handler func()) (cancel func())

Periodic runs handler in a frequency defined by the parameters. Returns cancel function

func StartSameTime

func StartSameTime(runners ...func())

StartSameTime runs provided runners at the same time (or as close as possible)


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