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type Option

type Option func(*SSHConnectionManager)

Option is a function called to configure the SSHConnectionManager

func WithKeepAliveInterval

func WithKeepAliveInterval(duration time.Duration) Option

WithKeepAliveInterval allows specifying a keep alive interval

func WithKeepAliveTimeout

func WithKeepAliveTimeout(duration time.Duration) Option

WithKeepAliveTimeout allows specifying a keep alive timeout

func WithReconnectInterval

func WithReconnectInterval(duration time.Duration) Option

WithReconnectInterval allows specifying a reconnect interval

type SSHCommandContext

type SSHCommandContext struct {
	Command string
	Output  chan string
	Errors  chan error
	Done    chan struct{}
	Timeout int

SSHCommandContext provides context for running a command on the remote device. Lines received from the remote device are written to the Output chan. Errors encoutered during executing a command are written to the Erros chan. Once the command finished execution, an empty struct is written to the Done chan.

func NewSSHCommandContext

func NewSSHCommandContext(command string) *SSHCommandContext

NewSSHCommandContext initializes the channels and returns a new SSHCommandContext.

func (*SSHCommandContext) IgnoreOutputs

func (ctx *SSHCommandContext) IgnoreOutputs()

IgnoreOutputs ignores the outputs received from an SSHCommandContext and logs erros to the CLI.

type SSHConnection

type SSHConnection struct {
	Device *config.DeviceConfig
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SSHConnection wraps an *ssh.Client and provides functions for executing commands on the remote device.

func (*SSHConnection) DisablePagination

func (conn *SSHConnection) DisablePagination() error

DisablePagination disables the paginator on the remote end. This is required to parse the whole output of a command. Note that for `terminal length 0` certain privileges are required on the remote device.

func (*SSHConnection) IdentifyOSVersion

func (conn *SSHConnection) IdentifyOSVersion() (config.OSVersion, error)

IdentifyOSVersion fingerprints the remote operating system.

func (*SSHConnection) IsAuthenticated

func (conn *SSHConnection) IsAuthenticated() bool

IsAuthenticated tests if the authentication for this SSH Session has not yet expired

func (*SSHConnection) IsConnected

func (conn *SSHConnection) IsConnected() bool

IsConnected returns whether the SSHConnection is still up and the remote end connected.

func (*SSHConnection) RunCommand

func (conn *SSHConnection) RunCommand(ctx *SSHCommandContext)

RunCommand runs a command on the remote device. All events / outputs are received to the provided context.

func (*SSHConnection) Terminate

func (conn *SSHConnection) Terminate()

Terminate terminates the SSHConnection

type SSHConnectionManager

type SSHConnectionManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SSHConnectionManager provides means of establishing and maintaining an SSH Connection to a remote deivce. SSH Connections are intentionally left open as long as possible, to reduce the number of logged logins as well as load on the TACACS server and the remote device.

func NewConnectionManager

func NewConnectionManager(options ...Option) *SSHConnectionManager

NewConnectionManager applies the specified options and returns a new SSHConnectionManager

func (*SSHConnectionManager) GetConnection

func (connMan *SSHConnectionManager) GetConnection(device *config.DeviceConfig) (*SSHConnection, error)

GetConnection returns an SSHConnection to the given device. If the connection has not yet been established (or lost), establishing a connection is attempted. In case of error nil and the error are returned.

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