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func PluginIsType

func PluginIsType(plugin Plugin, pluginType PluginType) bool

PluginIsType returns true if the plugin is of the specific type

func PluginTypeNames

func PluginTypeNames(pluginType PluginType) []string

PluginTypeNames returns a string list of all plugin types


type Accounter

type Accounter interface {
	HandleAccountingPacket(responseWriter radius.ResponseWriter, request *radius.Request, timestamp time.Time)
	HandleAccountingOnOff(nas string, acctType goradius.AcctStatusType)
	SendAccountingResponse(responseWriter radius.ResponseWriter, request *radius.Request)
	CheckAndLogTimingErrors(timestamp time.Time, acctSessionID, nas string, serviceID int, isService bool, statusType goradius.AcctStatusType, packetAttributes utils.PacketAttributes)

A Accounter is called when a subscriber's session needs to be handled

type Authenticater

type Authenticater interface {
	HandleAuthenticationPacket(responseWriter radius.ResponseWriter, request *radius.Request, timestamp time.Time)

A Authenticater is called when subscriber authentication needs to be handled

type ConfigReader

type ConfigReader interface {
	Values(sectionName string) map[string]string
	String(sectionName, key string) string
	Integer(sectionName, key string) int
	Duration(sectionName, key string) time.Duration
	Subsections(sectionName string, level int) []string
	SubsectionValues(sectionName, key string) []string

	GetServerAndRestAPIAddress(serverType utils.ServerType) (ipAddress, restAPIAddress string)

type Datastorer

type Datastorer interface {
	CheckConnectivity() bool
	Retrieve(collection string, key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	Store(collection string, key string, value interface{}) error
	Delete(collection string, key string) error
	RetrieveGroup(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreGroup(key string, value interface{}) error
	RetrieveUser(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreUser(key string, value interface{}) error
	RetrieveSession(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreSession(key string, value interface{}) error
	RetrieveService(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreService(key string, value interface{}) error
	RetrieveAuthARI(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreAuthARI(key string, value interface{}) error
	RetrieveAuthUser(key string) (map[string]interface{}, error)
	StoreAuthUser(key string, value interface{}) error

A Datastorer is called when data needs to be stored or retrieved

type Logger

type Logger interface {

type Plugin

type Plugin interface {
	GetPluginInfo() PluginInfo
	Init(Logger, ConfigReader) error
	InitWithPluginSystem(pluginSystem PluginSystem) error
	Start(conf utils.ServerFlagConfig) error

A Plugin is called by gorad when defined actions occur. The plugin knows about the business logic.

type PluginInfo

type PluginInfo struct {
	Name      string
	Buildvers buildvers.Buildvers
	Type      PluginType

PluginInfo holds all information about the plugin

type PluginSystem

type PluginSystem interface {
	LoadPlugins(pluginDir string) ([]Plugin, error)
	Select(pluginType PluginType, name string) error
	GetByName(name string) (Plugin, error)
	GetAllAuthenticater() (map[string]Authenticater, error)
	GetAllAccounter() (map[string]Accounter, error)
	GetAllDatastorer() (map[string]Datastorer, error)
	GetAllPoolContacter() (map[string]PoolContacter, error)

PluginSystem is the interface for plugins to call other plugins

type PluginType

type PluginType int

PluginType represents the type of plugin

const (
	// TypeRadiusHandler is a plugin which is responsible for handling the incoming radius packets
	TypeRadiusHandler PluginType = 1
	// TypeAuthenticater is a plugin which is responsible for authenticating a subscriber
	TypeAuthenticater PluginType = 2
	// TypeAccounter is a plugin which is responsible for accounting a subscriber's session
	TypeAccounter PluginType = 4
	// TypeDatastorer is a plugin which is responsible for storing and retrieving data
	TypeDatastorer PluginType = 8
	// TypePoolContacter is a plugin which is responsible for contacting the pool server
	TypePoolContacter PluginType = 16

func (PluginType) String

func (pluginType PluginType) String() string

type PoolContacter

type PoolContacter interface {
	SetIPPool(authenticationInformation utils.AuthenticationInformation, bngName, acctSessionID string, attributes map[string][]interface{}) bool
	ClearIPPool(device string)
	LockSessionIPAddresses(device, poolname, acctSessionID string)
	DeleteSessionIPAddresses(device, acctSessionID string)

A PoolContacter is called when a subscriber's session needs to be handled

type RadiusHandler

type RadiusHandler interface {
	GetRadiusHandler() func(radius.ResponseWriter, *radius.Request)

A RadiusHandler is called when an incoming radius packet needs to be handled

type RadiusPacketServer

type RadiusPacketServer interface {
	Serve(conn net.PacketConn) error
	ListenAndServe() error
	Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

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