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func NewAddrBook

func NewAddrBook() *memoryAddrBook

func NewKeyBook

func NewKeyBook() *memoryKeyBook

noop new, but in the future we may want to do some init work.

func NewPeerMetadata

func NewPeerMetadata() *memoryPeerMetadata

func NewPeerstore

func NewPeerstore() *pstoremem

NewPeerstore creates an in-memory threadsafe collection of peers.

func NewProtoBook

func NewProtoBook() *memoryProtoBook


type AddrSubManager

type AddrSubManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An abstracted, pub-sub manager for address streams. Extracted from memoryAddrBook in order to support additional implementations.

func NewAddrSubManager

func NewAddrSubManager() *AddrSubManager

NewAddrSubManager initializes an AddrSubManager.

func (*AddrSubManager) AddrStream

func (mgr *AddrSubManager) AddrStream(ctx context.Context, p peer.ID, initial []ma.Multiaddr) <-chan ma.Multiaddr

AddrStream creates a new subscription for a given peer ID, pre-populating the channel with any addresses we might already have on file.

func (*AddrSubManager) BroadcastAddr

func (mgr *AddrSubManager) BroadcastAddr(p peer.ID, addr ma.Multiaddr)

BroadcastAddr broadcasts a new address to all subscribed streams.

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