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A simple, low-level matrix <--> mqtt "bridge".



go get gitlab.eiselecloud.de/matrix/tuple

tuple -homeserver https://matrix.org -username tuple -password secret -broker tcp://localhost:1883

The rooms have to joined manually at this point via another client.

Configuration using environment vars is also possible:


The command line args overwrite these.


There's a reproducible docker image available at docker.eiselecloud.de/matrix/tuple.

Matrix -> MQTT

The bridge will send all Matrix Message Events to:

Topic: _tuple/client/r0/rooms/<roomId>/event/<eventType>

Content: the received Matrix event, like

  "type": "m.room.message",
  "sender": "@tuple:eiselecloud.de",
  "content": {
    "body": "foo",
    "msgtype": "m.text"
  "origin_server_ts": 1590951283344,
  "unsigned": {
    "age": 165
  "event_id": "$yNhWPC-6zi85SQGpkqsbZv6K_aTW8yrpkgn0y83FgiI",
  "room_id": "!jxyndfUCCLyUOLeZuI:eiselecloud.de"

MQTT -> Matrix

Topic: _tuple/client/r0/rooms/<roomId>/send/<eventType>

Content: Any Matrix Message Event Content, like

    "body": "foo"

The sender will be the tuple user.

Note that tuple will happily receive its own Matrix events and publish them to MQTT.

Use cases

  • Weather Station Example
  • Just for fun
  • Small IOT devices, like the ESP32 that don't require persistence or other advanced Matrix features
  • A federated sensor network
  • Smart Home stuff


This Bridge should closely follow the Matrix Client Server Specs, with useful exceptions.

The eventType is included in the mqtt topic, so that IOT devices can choose to subscribe only to compatible (proprietary) events

This is my first golang project, so don't judge to hard on programming decisions.


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