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Published: Jan 3, 2021 License: MIT


Contribute Third Party Flux Packages

This directory contains a collections of third party contributions to Flux. This is a simple and light weight process for sharing Flux code with the wider community while no other official means of sharing Flux packages exists.

Adding a New Package

To add a new package first create a new directory using your github account name. Then create another directory for the name of your package.

For example if I (@nathanielc) wanted to add a Flux package about reading text based ledger files in Flux I would create a directory named nathanielc/ledger under the contrib directory. I would then place all the Go code, Flux code and corresponding test cases into that directory.

Please see the CONTRIBUTING guide for more details on how to make contributions to the Flux repo.

Package Ownership

Packages in the contrib directory are owned and maintained by their author not the InfluxData team. As such the author will be requested for review on all changes to the package.

Future Plans

In the future we may create a more official repository of Flux packages that does not require committing the code to the Flux code repository. When that happens we intend to promote the packages from the contrib directory into their own Flux package in that repository in what ever form that takes. Until then we will collect third party packages into the contrib directory.


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