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Package webproxy provides an interface to manage Cloud VPS web proxies, which provide public HTTPS endpoints for Cloud VPS projects without having to allocate floating IP addresses.



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type Client

type Client struct {
	Client *gophercloud.ServiceClient

Client interacts with the web proxy API.

func (Client) CreateProxy

func (client Client) CreateProxy(proxy *Proxy) (r CreateProxyResult)

CreateProxy creates a Proxy.

func (Client) DeleteProxy

func (client Client) DeleteProxy(proxy *Proxy) (r DeleteProxyResult)

DeleteProxy an existing Proxy.

func (Client) FindProxy

func (client Client) FindProxy(domain string) (r FindProxyResult)

func (Client) ListDomains

func (client Client) ListDomains() (r DomainResult)

ListDomains lists the domains that are currently available for new web proxies.

func (Client) ListProxies

func (client Client) ListProxies() (r ProxyListResult)

ListProxies lists the proxies this project has currently configured.

func (Client) UpdateProxy

func (client Client) UpdateProxy(proxy *Proxy) (r UpdateProxyResult)

UpdateProxy updates an existing Proxy.

type CreateProxyResult

type CreateProxyResult struct {

CreateProxyResult is the response for creating a Proxy.

type DeleteProxyResult

type DeleteProxyResult struct {

DeleteProxyResult is the response for deleting a Proxy.

type Domain

type Domain struct {
	// Name is the DNS domain name of this Domain, without a trailing dot.
	Name string
	// Deprecated is a boolean flag to describe if this domain is
	// deprecated. Only Cloud VPS administrators can use create new
	// proxies with deprecated names.
	Deprecated bool
	// Default is a boolean flag to describe if this domain should be
	// selected by default if no other domain has been selected for a
	// specific web proxy.
	Default bool

Domain represents a domain such as wmcloud.org that is available for web proxy usage.

type DomainResult

type DomainResult struct {

DomainResult is the response for a Domain listing.

func (DomainResult) Default

func (r DomainResult) Default() *Domain

Default gets the Domain that has been specified as the default selection for new proxies.

func (DomainResult) Domains

func (r DomainResult) Domains() []Domain

Domains lists the Domain objects in this response.

type FindProxyResult

type FindProxyResult struct {

FindProxyResult is the response for a Proxy query.

func (FindProxyResult) Proxy

func (r FindProxyResult) Proxy() (Proxy, error)

Proxy reads the Proxy object in this response.

type Proxy

type Proxy struct {
	// Domain is the full DNS name of this proxy.
	Domain string `json:"domain"`

	// Backends is the list of the HTTP endpoints where traffic will be
	// proxied to.
	Backends []string `json:"backends"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Proxy represents a configured web proxy that provides a public HTTPS endpoint for a Cloud VPS instance.

type ProxyListResult

type ProxyListResult struct {

ProxyListResult is the response for a Proxy listing.

func (ProxyListResult) Proxies

func (r ProxyListResult) Proxies() ([]Proxy, error)

Proxies lists the Proxy objects in this response.

type UpdateProxyResult

type UpdateProxyResult struct {

UpdateProxyResult is the response for updating a Proxy.

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