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func Delete

func Delete(m manipulate.Manipulator, state string) error

Delete deletes the items with the given state.

func GenerateNonce

func GenerateNonce(nonceSourceSize int) (string, error)

GenerateNonce generate a nonce.

func MakeOIDCProviderClient

func MakeOIDCProviderClient(ca string) (*http.Client, error)

MakeOIDCProviderClient returns a OIDC client using the given CA.

func RedirectErrorEventually

func RedirectErrorEventually(ctx bahamut.Context, url string, err error) error

RedirectErrorEventually will configure the redirect url if given for the given bahamut.Context

func Set

func Set(m manipulate.Manipulator, item *CacheItem) error

Set sets the given OIDCRequestItem in redis.


type CacheItem

type CacheItem struct {
	State            string        `bson:"state"`
	ClientID         string        `bson:"clientid"`
	CA               string        `bson:"ca"`
	OAuth2Config     oauth2.Config `bson:"oauth2config"`
	ProviderEndpoint string        `bson:"providerEndpoint"`
	Time             time.Time     `bson:"time"`

CacheItem represents a cache OIDC request info.

func Get

func Get(m manipulate.Manipulator, state string) (*CacheItem, error)

Get gets the items with the given state. If none is found, it will return nil.

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