Package config defines server configuration and various loaders for them



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    var (
    	// Commit is the commit hash of this build - can be injected at build time
    	Commit string


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    type BuildMeta

    type BuildMeta struct {
    	Commit string

      BuildMeta denotes build metadata

      func NewBuildMeta

      func NewBuildMeta() BuildMeta

        NewBuildMeta instantiates a new build metadata struct from the environment. Currently leverages Heroku's Dyno Metadata:

        type Config

        type Config struct {
        	RedisNamespace string
        	RedisURL       string // redis conn string
        	RedisAddr      string
        	RiotAPIToken string // TODO: need a mechanism to update this
        	GitHubToken     string
        	GitHubStoreRepo GitHubStoreRepo

          Config exposes server configuration

          func NewEnvConfig

          func NewEnvConfig() Config

            NewEnvConfig instatiates configuration from environment

            func (*Config) DefaultRedisPool

            func (c *Config) DefaultRedisPool(opts ...redis.DialOption) *redis.Pool

              DefaultRedisPool inits a default redis configuration

              func (*Config) GitHubAPITokenSource

              func (c *Config) GitHubAPITokenSource() oauth2.TokenSource

                GitHubAPITokenSource inits a static token source from this configuration

                type Flags

                type Flags struct {
                	Dev        bool
                	LogPath    string
                	JobsUIPort string
                	APIPort    string
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Flags contains command-line flag configuration

                  func LoadFlags

                  func LoadFlags(args []string) (Flags, error)

                    LoadFlags loads flags from the given set of arguments

                    func (Flags) Mode

                    func (f Flags) Mode() Mode

                      Mode returns the configured operational mode

                      type GitHubStoreRepo

                      type GitHubStoreRepo struct {
                      	Owner string
                      	Repo  string

                        GitHubStoreRepo configures where data goes

                        type Mode

                        type Mode string

                          Mode denotes operational mode for a run

                          const (
                          	// ModeAll starts the server, worker, and if enabled, the jobs UI
                          	ModeAll Mode = "all"
                          	// ModeServer starts the server and if enabled, the jobs UI
                          	ModeServer Mode = "server"
                          	// ModeWorker starts the worker and if enabled, the jobs UI
                          	ModeWorker Mode = "worker"
                          	// ModeJobsUIOnly starts just the jobs UI
                          	ModeJobsUIOnly Mode = "jobs-ui-only"