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Package jobs exposes the job engine and defines the job types used by seer



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type BaseJobContext

type BaseJobContext struct {
	RiotAPI riot.API
	Store   store.Store

BaseJobContext denotes dependencies common to most jobs

type Engine

type Engine interface {

Engine is the contract for managing job execution

func NewJobsEngine

func NewJobsEngine(l *zap.Logger, app string, redisPool *redis.Pool, b *BaseJobContext) Engine

NewJobsEngine instantiates a new job runn

type Job

type Job interface {
	Name() string
	Params() map[string]interface{}
	Unique() bool

Job is the interface jobs should fulfill

func NewMatchesSyncJob

func NewMatchesSyncJob(teamID, requestID string) Job

NewMatchesSyncJob instantiates a runnable job for syncing a team's latest matches

func NewTeamAnalyticsJob

func NewTeamAnalyticsJob(teamID, requestID string) Job

NewTeamAnalyticsJob instantiates a runnable job for syncing a team's latest matches

type Queue

type Queue interface {
	Queue(j Job) (string, error)

Queue is an interface for accepting jobs in a queue

func NewJobQueue

func NewJobQueue(log *zap.Logger, app string, redisPool *redis.Pool) Queue

NewJobQueue instantiates a new queue

type Status

type Status string

Status indicates the state of a job

const (
	// StatusQueued means job has been queued
	StatusQueued Status = "queued"
	// StatusRunning means the job is active
	StatusRunning Status = "running"
	// StatusRetrying means the job is scheduled for a retry
	StatusRetrying Status = "retrying"
	// StatusFailed means the job was unable to run successfully
	StatusFailed Status = "failed"
	// StatusDone means the job was able to run to completion
	StatusDone Status = "done"

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