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Published: Sep 21, 2023 License: BSD-3-Clause


CTP Client Library

This simplies the process of calling CTP programmatically


go test ./...


Scheduling Tests via CTP

To schedule tests, create a CTPBuilder object and then call it's ScheduleCTPBuild method. This will return a Build object which you can use to track the progress of the test

// To run a test, use builder.TestPlanForTests
tp := builder.TestPlanForSuites([]string{"rlz"})

// Minimum required fields; see CTPBuilder object for full reference
ctp := &builder.CTPBuilder{
    Image:      "zork-release/R107-15117.103.0",
    Board:      "zork",
    Pool:       "xolabs-satlab",
    TestPlan:   tp,

// Create default client
err := ctp.AddDefaultBBClient(ctx)
if err != nil {
    return err

b, err := ctp.ScheduleCTPBuild(c)

Note that the default AuthOptions may be unsuitable since you will need to match the scope and location of the auth a user logged in with. It is configured to work with luci-auth login and if you use different scopes or secrets directories you will need to override the auth options

Getting CTP Builds

To get the results of tests, use the builder.GetBuild function

b, err := builder.GetBuild(c, &builder.ClientArgs{}, <123>)
if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("%s", err)
fmt.Printf("%v", b)

Getting Test Results from CTP Builds

CTP builds store test result information in the output properties. The output properties have the following fields (proto)

Code sample extracting the compressed_json_response info:

// Get `compressed_json_responses` field
s := b.Output.Properties.Fields["compressed_json_responses"].GetStringValue()
// Decode from base 64
data, err := base64.StdEncoding.DecodeString(s)
// Decompress
reader := bytes.NewReader(data)
r, err := zlib.NewReader(reader)
// r is now JSON encoded string of results

In theory, any of the three fields referenced above should have the required information, the difference is just in the encoding.


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