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Published: Jul 31, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package frontend is goma service frontend (/cxx-compiler-service/*).



const (
	// PathPrefix is goma endpoint prefix.
	PathPrefix = "/cxx-compiler-service/"


var (

	// DefaultViews are the default views provided by this package.
	// You need to register he view for data to actually be collected.
	DefaultViews = []*view.View{
			Name:        "",
			Description: "ping request count by user-agent",
			TagKeys: []tag.Key{
			Measure:     pingRequests,
			Aggregation: view.Count(),

func Handler

func Handler(f Frontend) http.Handler

Handler creates http.Handler from Frontend.

func Register

func Register(mux *http.ServeMux, f Frontend)

Register registers Frontend under PathPrefix (/cxx-compiler-service).

type Backend

type Backend interface {
	Ping() http.Handler
	Exec() http.Handler
	ByteStream() http.Handler
	StoreFile() http.Handler
	LookupFile() http.Handler
	Execlog() http.Handler

Backend represents backend of goma frontend.

type Frontend

type Frontend struct {
	AC      httprpc.AdmissionController
	Backend Backend

	TraceLabels map[string]string

Frontend represents goma frontend.

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