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Published: Nov 9, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 0



Package pipeline implements the pipeline to efficiently archive file sets to an isolated server as fast as possible.



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func PushDirectory

func PushDirectory(a *Archiver, root, relDir string) (map[*PendingItem]PushedDirectoryItem, map[string]string, error)

PushDirectory walks a directory at root and pushes the files in it. relDir is a relative directory to offset relative paths against the root directory. For symlink that points to another file under the same root (called *in-tree*), the symlink is preserved. Otherwise, the symlink is followed (*out-of-tree*), and is pushed as an ordinary file.

It does not return until all the pushed items are hashed, which is done asynchornously.

The returned files are in a map from its relative path to PushedDirectoryItem. The returned in-tree symlinks are in a map from its relative path to the relative path it points to.


type Archiver

type Archiver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Archiver is an high level interface to an isolatedclient.Client.

Uses a 4 stages pipeline, each doing work concurrently:

  • Deduplicating similar requests or known server hot cache hits.
  • Hashing files.
  • Batched cache hit lookups on the server.
  • Uploading cache misses.

func NewArchiver

func NewArchiver(ctx context.Context, c *isolatedclient.Client, out io.Writer) *Archiver

NewArchiver returns a thread-safe Archiver instance.

If not nil, out will contain tty-oriented progress information.

ctx will be used for logging.

func (*Archiver) Close

func (a *Archiver) Close() error

Close waits for all pending files to be done. If an error occurred during processing, it is returned.

func (*Archiver) Hash

func (a *Archiver) Hash() crypto.Hash

Hash returns the hashing algorithm used by this archiver.

func (*Archiver) Push

func (a *Archiver) Push(displayName string, source isolatedclient.Source, priority int64) *PendingItem

Push schedules item upload to the isolate server. Smaller priority value means earlier processing.

func (*Archiver) PushFile

func (a *Archiver) PushFile(displayName, path string, priority int64) *PendingItem

PushFile schedules file upload to the isolate server. Smaller priority value means earlier processing.

func (*Archiver) Stats

func (a *Archiver) Stats() *Stats

Stats returns a copy of the statistics.

type PendingItem

type PendingItem struct {
	// Immutable.
	DisplayName string // Name to use to qualify this item
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PendingItem is an item being processed.

It is caried over from pipeline stage to stage to do processing on it.

func (*PendingItem) Digest

func (i *PendingItem) Digest() isolated.HexDigest

Digest returns the calculated digest once calculated, empty otherwise.

func (*PendingItem) Error

func (i *PendingItem) Error() error

Error returns any error that occurred for this item if any.

func (*PendingItem) SetErr

func (i *PendingItem) SetErr(err error)

SetErr forcibly set an item as failed. Normally not used by callers.

func (*PendingItem) WaitForHashed

func (i *PendingItem) WaitForHashed()

WaitForHashed hangs until the item hash is known.

type PushedDirectoryItem

type PushedDirectoryItem struct {
	// Absolute path to the item.
	FullPath string

	// Relativie path to the item within the directory.
	RelPath string

	// FileInfo of the item.
	Info os.FileInfo

PushedDirectoryItem represents a file within the directory being pushed.

type Stats

type Stats struct {
	Hits   []units.Size  // Bytes; each item is immutable.
	Pushed []*UploadStat // Misses; each item is immutable.

Stats is statistics from the Archiver.

func (*Stats) PackedHits

func (s *Stats) PackedHits() ([]byte, error)

PackedHits returns the size of hit items in packed format.

func (*Stats) PackedMisses

func (s *Stats) PackedMisses() ([]byte, error)

PackedMisses returns size of missed items in packed format.

func (*Stats) TotalBytesHits

func (s *Stats) TotalBytesHits() units.Size

TotalBytesHits is the number of bytes not uploaded due to cache hits on the server.

func (*Stats) TotalBytesPushed

func (s *Stats) TotalBytesPushed() units.Size

TotalBytesPushed returns the sum of bytes uploaded.

func (*Stats) TotalHits

func (s *Stats) TotalHits() int

TotalHits is the number of cache hits on the server.

func (*Stats) TotalMisses

func (s *Stats) TotalMisses() int

TotalMisses returns the number of cache misses on the server.

type UploadStat

type UploadStat struct {
	Duration time.Duration
	Size     units.Size
	Name     string

UploadStat is the statistic for a single upload.

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