Package chromeinfra contains hardcoded values related to Chrome Infra.

    It is supposed to be imported only by leaf 'main' packages of various binaries. All non-main packages must not hardcode any environment related values and must accept them as parameters passed from 'main'.



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    const (
    	// BuildbucketHost is the hostname of the Buildbucket service to connect to
    	// by default.
    	BuildbucketHost = ""
    	// CIPDServiceURL is URL of a CIPD backend to connect to by default.
    	CIPDServiceURL = ""
    	// LogDogHost is the default host of the production LogDog service in Chrome
    	// Operations.
    	LogDogHost = ""
    	// LogDogHostAppSpot is the "" host equivalent of LogDogHost.
    	LogDogHostAppSpot = ""
    	// LogDogDevHost is the default host of the development LogDog service in
    	// Chrome Operations.
    	LogDogDevHost = ""
    	// TokenServerHost is the default host to use in auth.Options.TokenServerHost.
    	TokenServerHost = ""
    	// TokenServerDevHost is the host of the LUCI Token Server dev instance.
    	TokenServerDevHost = ""
    	// MachineDatabaseHost is the URL of the Machine Database.
    	MachineDatabaseHost = ""
    	// MachineDatabaseDevHost is the URL of the Machine Database dev instance.
    	MachineDatabaseDevHost = ""
    	// UFSProdHost is the URL of the ufs service.
    	UFSProdHost = ""
    	// UFSStagingHost is the URL of the staging ufs service.
    	UFSStagingHost = ""
    	// ConfigServiceHost is the default host of LUCI config service.
    	ConfigServiceHost = ""
    	// ResultDBHost is the hostname of the production ResultDB service.
    	ResultDBHost = ""
    	// TestSpannerInstance is the name of the Spanner instance used for testing.
    	TestSpannerInstance = "projects/chops-spanner-testing/instances/testing"


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    func DefaultAuthOptions

    func DefaultAuthOptions() auth.Options

      DefaultAuthOptions returns auth.Options struct prefilled with chrome-infra defaults.

      func SecretsDir

      func SecretsDir() string

        SecretsDir returns an absolute path to a directory (in $HOME) to keep secret files in (e.g. OAuth refresh tokens) or an empty string if $HOME can't be determined (happens in some degenerate cases, it just disables auth token cache).

        func SetDefaultAuthOptions

        func SetDefaultAuthOptions(opts auth.Options) auth.Options

          SetDefaultAuthOptions sets the chromeinfra defaults on `opts`, returning the updated Options.


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