Package main is a simple wrapper of the real etcd entrypoint package (located at to ensure that etcd is still "go getable"; e.g. `go get` works as expected and builds a binary in $GOBIN/etcd

This package should NOT be extended or modified in any way; to modify the etcd binary, work in the `` package.

Source Files


Path Synopsis
auth Package auth provides client role authentication for accessing keys in etcd.
embed Package embed provides bindings for embedding an etcd server in a program.
etcdmain Package etcdmain contains the main entry point for the etcd binary.
etcdserver Package etcdserver defines how etcd servers interact and store their states.
etcdserver/api Package api manages the capabilities and features that are exposed to clients by the etcd cluster.
etcdserver/api/etcdhttp Package etcdhttp implements HTTP transportation layer for etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/membership Package membership describes individual etcd members and clusters of members.
etcdserver/api/rafthttp Package rafthttp implements HTTP transportation layer for etcd/raft pkg.
etcdserver/api/snap Package snap handles Raft nodes' states with snapshots.
etcdserver/api/v2auth Package v2auth implements etcd authentication.
etcdserver/api/v2discovery Package v2discovery provides an implementation of the cluster discovery that is used by etcd with v2 client.
etcdserver/api/v2error Package v2error describes errors in etcd project.
etcdserver/api/v2http Package v2http provides etcd client and server implementations.
etcdserver/api/v2http/httptypes Package httptypes defines how etcd's HTTP API entities are serialized to and deserialized from JSON.
etcdserver/api/v2stats Package v2stats defines a standard interface for etcd cluster statistics.
etcdserver/api/v2store Package v2store defines etcd's in-memory key/value store in v2 API.
etcdserver/api/v2v3 Package v2v3 provides a ServerV2 implementation backed by clientv3.Client.
etcdserver/api/v3alarm Package v3alarm manages health status alarms in etcd.
etcdserver/api/v3client Package v3client provides clientv3 interfaces from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3compactor Package v3compactor implements automated policies for compacting etcd's mvcc storage.
etcdserver/api/v3election Package v3election provides a v3 election service from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3election/v3electionpb/gw Package v3electionpb is a reverse proxy.
etcdserver/api/v3lock Package v3lock provides a v3 locking service from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3lock/v3lockpb/gw Package v3lockpb is a reverse proxy.
etcdserver/api/v3rpc Package v3rpc implements etcd v3 RPC system based on gRPC.
etcdserver/cindex Package cindex provides an interface and implementation for getting/saving consistentIndex.
lease Package lease provides an interface and implementation for time-limited leases over arbitrary resources.
lease/leasehttp Package leasehttp serves lease renewals made through HTTP requests.
mock/mockstorage Package mockstorage provides mock implementations for etcdserver's storage interface.
mock/mockstore Package mockstore provides mock structures for the etcd store package.
mock/mockwait Package mockwait provides mock implementations for pkg/wait.
mvcc Package mvcc defines etcd's stable MVCC storage.
mvcc/backend Package backend defines a standard interface for etcd's backend MVCC storage.
proxy/grpcproxy Package grpcproxy is an OSI level 7 proxy for etcd v3 API requests.
proxy/grpcproxy/adapter Package adapter provides gRPC adapters between client and server gRPC interfaces without needing to go through a gRPC connection.
proxy/grpcproxy/cache Package cache exports functionality for efficiently caching and mapping `RangeRequest`s to corresponding `RangeResponse`s.
proxy/httpproxy Package httpproxy implements etcd httpproxy.
proxy/tcpproxy Package tcpproxy is an OSI level 4 proxy for routing etcd clients to etcd servers.
wal Package wal provides an implementation of a write ahead log that is used by etcd.