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Package v3client

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Published: May 20, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package v3client provides clientv3 interfaces from an etcdserver.

Use v3client by creating an EtcdServer instance, then wrapping it with v3client.New:

import (



// create an embedded EtcdServer from the default configuration
cfg := embed.NewConfig()
cfg.Dir = "default.etcd"
e, err := embed.StartEtcd(cfg)
if err != nil {
	// handle error!

// wrap the EtcdServer with v3client
cli := v3client.New(e.Server)

// use like an ordinary clientv3
resp, err := cli.Put(context.TODO(), "some-key", "it works!")
if err != nil {
	// handle error!


func New

func New(s *etcdserver.EtcdServer) *clientv3.Client

New creates a clientv3 client that wraps an in-process EtcdServer. Instead of making gRPC calls through sockets, the client makes direct function calls to the etcd server through its api/v3rpc function interfaces.

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