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Published: Oct 15, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 47



Package lease provides an interface and implementation for time-limited leases over arbitrary resources.



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const MaxLeaseTTL = 9000000000

MaxLeaseTTL is the maximum lease TTL value

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const NoLease = LeaseID(0)

NoLease is a special LeaseID representing the absence of a lease.


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var (
	ErrNotPrimary       = errors.New("not a primary lessor")
	ErrLeaseNotFound    = errors.New("lease not found")
	ErrLeaseExists      = errors.New("lease already exists")
	ErrLeaseTTLTooLarge = errors.New("too large lease TTL")


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type FakeLessor

type FakeLessor struct{}

FakeLessor is a fake implementation of Lessor interface. Used for testing only.

func (*FakeLessor) Attach

func (fl *FakeLessor) Attach(id LeaseID, items []LeaseItem) error

func (*FakeLessor) Demote

func (fl *FakeLessor) Demote()

func (*FakeLessor) Detach

func (fl *FakeLessor) Detach(id LeaseID, items []LeaseItem) error

func (*FakeLessor) ExpiredLeasesC

func (fl *FakeLessor) ExpiredLeasesC() <-chan []*Lease

func (*FakeLessor) GetLease

func (fl *FakeLessor) GetLease(item LeaseItem) LeaseID

func (*FakeLessor) Grant

func (fl *FakeLessor) Grant(id LeaseID, ttl int64) (*Lease, error)

func (*FakeLessor) Leases

func (fl *FakeLessor) Leases() []*Lease

func (*FakeLessor) Lookup

func (fl *FakeLessor) Lookup(id LeaseID) *Lease

func (*FakeLessor) Promote

func (fl *FakeLessor) Promote(extend time.Duration)

func (*FakeLessor) Recover

func (fl *FakeLessor) Recover(b backend.Backend, rd RangeDeleter)

func (*FakeLessor) Renew

func (fl *FakeLessor) Renew(id LeaseID) (int64, error)

func (*FakeLessor) Revoke

func (fl *FakeLessor) Revoke(id LeaseID) error

func (*FakeLessor) SetRangeDeleter

func (fl *FakeLessor) SetRangeDeleter(dr RangeDeleter)

func (*FakeLessor) Stop

func (fl *FakeLessor) Stop()

type Lease

type Lease struct {
	ID LeaseID
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Lease) Keys

func (l *Lease) Keys() []string

Keys returns all the keys attached to the lease.

func (*Lease) Remaining

func (l *Lease) Remaining() time.Duration

Remaining returns the remaining time of the lease.

func (*Lease) TTL

func (l *Lease) TTL() int64

TTL returns the TTL of the Lease.

type LeaseID

type LeaseID int64

type LeaseItem

type LeaseItem struct {
	Key string

type Lessor

type Lessor interface {
	// SetRangeDeleter lets the lessor create TxnDeletes to the store.
	// Lessor deletes the items in the revoked or expired lease by creating
	// new TxnDeletes.
	SetRangeDeleter(rd RangeDeleter)

	// Grant grants a lease that expires at least after TTL seconds.
	Grant(id LeaseID, ttl int64) (*Lease, error)
	// Revoke revokes a lease with given ID. The item attached to the
	// given lease will be removed. If the ID does not exist, an error
	// will be returned.
	Revoke(id LeaseID) error

	// Attach attaches given leaseItem to the lease with given LeaseID.
	// If the lease does not exist, an error will be returned.
	Attach(id LeaseID, items []LeaseItem) error

	// GetLease returns LeaseID for given item.
	// If no lease found, NoLease value will be returned.
	GetLease(item LeaseItem) LeaseID

	// Detach detaches given leaseItem from the lease with given LeaseID.
	// If the lease does not exist, an error will be returned.
	Detach(id LeaseID, items []LeaseItem) error

	// Promote promotes the lessor to be the primary lessor. Primary lessor manages
	// the expiration and renew of leases.
	// Newly promoted lessor renew the TTL of all lease to extend + previous TTL.
	Promote(extend time.Duration)

	// Demote demotes the lessor from being the primary lessor.

	// Renew renews a lease with given ID. It returns the renewed TTL. If the ID does not exist,
	// an error will be returned.
	Renew(id LeaseID) (int64, error)

	// Lookup gives the lease at a given lease id, if any
	Lookup(id LeaseID) *Lease

	// Leases lists all leases.
	Leases() []*Lease

	// ExpiredLeasesC returns a chan that is used to receive expired leases.
	ExpiredLeasesC() <-chan []*Lease

	// Recover recovers the lessor state from the given backend and RangeDeleter.
	Recover(b backend.Backend, rd RangeDeleter)

	// Stop stops the lessor for managing leases. The behavior of calling Stop multiple
	// times is undefined.

Lessor owns leases. It can grant, revoke, renew and modify leases for lessee.

func NewLessor

func NewLessor(b backend.Backend, minLeaseTTL int64) Lessor

type RangeDeleter

type RangeDeleter func() TxnDelete

RangeDeleter is a TxnDelete constructor.

type TxnDelete

type TxnDelete interface {
	DeleteRange(key, end []byte) (n, rev int64)

TxnDelete is a TxnWrite that only permits deletes. Defined here to avoid circular dependency with mvcc.


Path Synopsis
Package leasehttp serves lease renewals made through HTTP requests.
Package leasehttp serves lease renewals made through HTTP requests.

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