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Published: Jan 30, 2024 License: MIT



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This powers my website. It is open-source. However, I won't be supporting other people's use cases as this is just a personal project for personal use. If you're interested in doing something similar, I encourage you to take a look at the code.


go install go.hacdias.com/eagle@latest


docker pull ghcr.io/hacdias/eagle:latest

Configuration and Assumptions

Eagle makes a certain amount of assumptions regarding your Hugo website. That is the only way it will work properly. The following sections try to document all assumptions and required configuration. It can also be useful to look at my own website's source code.

Hugo Posts

Hugo posts are assumed to be bundles and not plain .md files. For example, about.md is invalid, you must have about/index.md.

Hugo Configuration

Eagle takes some of the configuration directly from your Hugo's website. It supports a single file configuration in any of the formats supported by Hugo (JSON, TOML, YAML). The following parts are used:

# Used by Eagle for the search results, in order to match
# the same used for Hugo when listing posts.
paginate = 15

# Used by Eagle to determine if a certain page is a page list.
# Only taxonomies are considered lists for Eagle.
  tag = 'tags'
  category = 'categories'

    # Optional user's information for IndieAuth.
    name = 'John Smith'
    email = 'john@smith.com'
    photo = 'https://smith.com/avatar.png'
    # Optional user's handle for WebFinger. Disabled if empty.
    handle = 'johnsmith'

It does not support config directory, or multi language configuration.

Hugo Sections

Eagle assumes a very important posts section. This section contains all of your main, dated, posts, such as articles. Inside the posts directory, there are directories per year. Inside each year directory, there is a directory per post.

The post on /posts/2023/02/10/my-post/index.md with 2023-02-10 in the date frontmatter field is assumed to be published at /2023/02/10/my-post/.

Micropub posts are created following this assumption.

Hugo Taxonomies

Eagle assumes that taxonomy pages are the only page lists. The categories taxonomy is handled differently. The category page at /categories/articles/_index.md is assumed to be published at /articles/.

HTML Files

Eagle expects a entry-id meta element in your Hugo's website HTML output. This will be used to do inverse mapping from Permalink to the Entry ID. This may be changed in the future by reverse engineering the assumed permalinks.

{{ with .File }}
  <meta name='entry-id' content='{{ .Dir }}'>
{{ end }}

The following pages must be produced by your Hugo website:

  • 404.html for 404 and other errors.
  • /search/index.html if search is enabled through Eagle.

These pages must contain a <eagle-page> element, which Eagle will replace by the correct content. For example:

  <h1>404 Not Found</h1>
  <p>Page could not be found.</p>

Then, the Hugo website must have a eagle directory containing the following templates:

  • error.html for error page, which will replace content in 404.html.
  • search.html for search page, which will replace content in /search/index.html.

At the moment, it is best to check the source code to see what variables are available in each template.


MIT © Henrique Dias


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