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Published: Oct 19, 2018 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 20 Imported by: 320



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The isokit package provides common functionality for developing Isomorphic Go applications.


IsoKit requires GopherJS.

Get IsoKit

go get -u

The Isomorphic Go Project

More information on the benefits of Isomorphic Go applications can be found at the Isomorphic Go Website.


IsoKit is licensed under the BSD License. Read the LICENSE file for more information.



Package isokit provides common isomorphic functionality intended to be used in an Isomorphic Go web application.



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const (
	ServerEnvironment = iota
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const (
	GoRuntime = iota
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const (
	RouteWithParamsPattern = `/([^/]*)`
	RouteOnlyPrefixPattern = `/`
	RouteSuffixPattern     = `/?$`
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const (
	TemplateRegular = iota
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const (
	PlacementAppendTo = iota


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var (
	PrefixNamePartial            = "partials/"
	PrefixNameLayout             = "layouts/"
	TemplateFileExtension        = ".tmpl"
	TemplateFilesPath            = "./templates"
	UseStaticTemplateBundleFile  = false
	UseTemplateBundleFromBuffer  = false
	StaticTemplateBundleFilePath = ""
	ShouldBundleStaticAssets     = true
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var CogStaticAssetsSearchPaths []string
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var ShouldMinifyStaticAssets bool
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var StaticAssetsPath string
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var (
	WebAppRoot = ""


func BundleStaticAssets

func BundleStaticAssets()

func ClientRedirect

func ClientRedirect(destinationURL string)

ClientRedirect performs a redirect when operating on the client-side.

func FetchTemplateBundle

func FetchTemplateBundle(templateSetChannel chan *TemplateSet)

func FetchTemplateBundleWithSuppliedFunctionMap

func FetchTemplateBundleWithSuppliedFunctionMap(templateSetChannel chan *TemplateSet, funcMap template.FuncMap)

func FormValue

func FormValue(fp *FormParams, key string) string

func GopherjsScriptHandler

func GopherjsScriptHandler(webAppRoot string) http.Handler

func GopherjsScriptMapHandler

func GopherjsScriptMapHandler(webAppRoot string) http.Handler

func OperatingEnvironment

func OperatingEnvironment() int

func OperatingRuntime

func OperatingRuntime() int

func Redirect

func Redirect(params *RedirectParams) error

func RegisterStaticAssetsSearchPath

func RegisterStaticAssetsSearchPath(path string)

func ServerRedirect

func ServerRedirect(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, destinationURL string)

ServerRedirect performs a redirect when operating on the server-side.

func StaticTemplateBundleFileExists

func StaticTemplateBundleFileExists() bool

func TemplateBundleHandler

func TemplateBundleHandler(ts *TemplateSet) http.Handler


type BasicForm

type BasicForm struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BasicForm) ClearErrors

func (c *BasicForm) ClearErrors()

func (*BasicForm) DisplayErrors

func (c *BasicForm) DisplayErrors()

func (*BasicForm) Errors

func (c *BasicForm) Errors() map[string]string

func (*BasicForm) Fields

func (c *BasicForm) Fields() map[string]string

func (*BasicForm) FormParams

func (c *BasicForm) FormParams() *FormParams

func (*BasicForm) GetFieldValue

func (c *BasicForm) GetFieldValue(key string) string

func (*BasicForm) PopulateFields

func (c *BasicForm) PopulateFields()

func (*BasicForm) PrefillFields

func (c *BasicForm) PrefillFields() []string

func (*BasicForm) RegenerateErrors

func (c *BasicForm) RegenerateErrors()

func (*BasicForm) SetError

func (c *BasicForm) SetError(key string, message string)

func (*BasicForm) SetErrors

func (c *BasicForm) SetErrors(errors map[string]string)

func (*BasicForm) SetFields

func (c *BasicForm) SetFields(fields map[string]string)

func (*BasicForm) SetFormParams

func (c *BasicForm) SetFormParams(formParams *FormParams)

func (*BasicForm) SetPrefillFields

func (c *BasicForm) SetPrefillFields(prefillFields []string)

type Form

type Form interface {
	Validate() bool
	Fields() map[string]string
	Errors() map[string]string
	FormParams() *FormParams
	SetFields(fields map[string]string)
	SetErrors(errors map[string]string)
	SetFormParams(formParams *FormParams)
	SetPrefillFields(prefillFields []string)

type FormParams

type FormParams struct {
	FormElement                *dom.HTMLFormElement
	ResponseWriter             http.ResponseWriter
	Request                    *http.Request
	UseFormFieldsForValidation bool
	FormFields                 map[string]string

type Handler

type Handler interface {

type HandlerFunc

type HandlerFunc func(context.Context)

func (HandlerFunc) ServeRoute

func (f HandlerFunc) ServeRoute(ctx context.Context)

type OperatingDetails

type OperatingDetails struct {
	Environment int
	Runtime     int

type RedirectParams

type RedirectParams struct {
	ResponseWriter http.ResponseWriter
	Request        *http.Request
	URL            string

type RenderParams

type RenderParams struct {
	Data                          interface{}
	Writer                        io.Writer
	Element                       dom.Element
	Disposition                   int8
	Attributes                    map[string]string
	ShouldPopulateRenderedContent bool
	RenderedContent               string
	ShouldSkipFinalRenderStep     bool
	PageTitle                     string

type Route

type Route struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRoute

func NewRoute(path string, handler HandlerFunc) *Route

type RouteVarsKey

type RouteVarsKey string

type Router

type Router struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRouter

func NewRouter() *Router

func (*Router) Handle

func (r *Router) Handle(path string, handler Handler) *Route

func (*Router) HandleFunc

func (r *Router) HandleFunc(path string, handler HandlerFunc) *Route

func (*Router) Listen

func (r *Router) Listen()
func (r *Router) RegisterLinks(querySelector string)

type Template

type Template struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Template) GetTemplateType

func (t *Template) GetTemplateType() int8

func (*Template) NameWithPrefix

func (t *Template) NameWithPrefix() string

func (*Template) Render

func (t *Template) Render(params *RenderParams) error

func (*Template) RenderTemplateOnClient

func (t *Template) RenderTemplateOnClient(params *RenderParams)

func (*Template) RenderTemplateOnServer

func (t *Template) RenderTemplateOnServer(params *RenderParams)

type TemplateBundle

type TemplateBundle struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTemplateBundle

func NewTemplateBundle() *TemplateBundle

func (*TemplateBundle) Items

func (t *TemplateBundle) Items() map[string]string

type TemplateSet

type TemplateSet struct {
	Funcs template.FuncMap

	TemplateFilesPath string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTemplateSet

func NewTemplateSet() *TemplateSet

func (*TemplateSet) AddTemplateFile

func (t *TemplateSet) AddTemplateFile(name, filename string, templateType int8) error

func (*TemplateSet) Bundle

func (t *TemplateSet) Bundle() *TemplateBundle

func (*TemplateSet) GatherCogTemplates

func (t *TemplateSet) GatherCogTemplates(cogTemplatePath string, prefixName string, templateFileExtension string)

func (*TemplateSet) GatherTemplates

func (t *TemplateSet) GatherTemplates()

func (*TemplateSet) ImportTemplatesFromMap

func (t *TemplateSet) ImportTemplatesFromMap(templateMap map[string]string) error

func (*TemplateSet) MakeAllAssociations

func (t *TemplateSet) MakeAllAssociations() error

func (*TemplateSet) Members

func (t *TemplateSet) Members() map[string]*Template

func (*TemplateSet) PersistTemplateBundleToDisk

func (t *TemplateSet) PersistTemplateBundleToDisk() error

func (*TemplateSet) PersistTemplateBundleToTemplateSetBuffer

func (t *TemplateSet) PersistTemplateBundleToTemplateSetBuffer() error

func (*TemplateSet) Render

func (t *TemplateSet) Render(templateName string, params *RenderParams)

func (*TemplateSet) RestoreTemplateBundleFromDisk

func (t *TemplateSet) RestoreTemplateBundleFromDisk() error

func (*TemplateSet) RestoreTemplateBundleFromTemplateSetBuffer

func (t *TemplateSet) RestoreTemplateBundleFromTemplateSetBuffer() error

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