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This is a Go port of git-agecrypt with some slight modifications.

Echoed from the original project:

Why should I use this?

Short answer: you probably shouldn't. Before considering this approach, take a look at SOPS and Hashicorp Vault if they are better suited for the problem at hand. They have a clear security advantage over git-age.

The one use-case where it makes sense to use git-age instead is when you want to keep some files secret on a (potentially public) git remote, but you need to have the plaintext in the local working tree because you cannot hook into the above tools for your workflow. Being lazy is not an excuse to use this software.

Adding git-age to a new repository

  1. Install git-age in your PATH
  2. git age init
  3. Add some identities
  • git age ident key.txt
  • git age ident ssh
  1. Set up your config (example)
  2. Add your secrets to .gitattributes secret.txt diff=git-age filter=git-age
  3. Use git like normal.

Decrypting an existing repository

Similar to initial install, adding identities prior to init so that any encrypted files are decrypted during initialization.

  1. Install git-age in your PATH
  2. Clone the repository
  3. Add some identities
  • git age ident key.txt
  • git age ident ssh
  1. git age init
  2. Use git like normal


This software was written based off of git-agecrypt.

MPL-2.0 (Original)


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