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Published: Oct 10, 2023 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 16 Imported by: 4



Package loader is about loading files from either the filesystem or through https requests.



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func CreateFilesystems added in v0.25.0

func CreateFilesystems(osfs fsext.Fs) map[string]fsext.Fs

CreateFilesystems creates the correct filesystem map for the current OS

func Dir

func Dir(old *url.URL) *url.URL

Dir returns the directory for the path.

func Resolve

func Resolve(pwd *url.URL, moduleSpecifier string) (*url.URL, error)

Resolve a relative path to an absolute one.


type SourceData added in v0.25.0

type SourceData struct {
	Data []byte
	URL  *url.URL

SourceData wraps a source file; data and filename.

func Load

func Load(
	logger logrus.FieldLogger, filesystems map[string]fsext.Fs, moduleSpecifier *url.URL, originalModuleSpecifier string,
) (*SourceData, error)

Load loads the provided moduleSpecifier from the given filesystems which are map of fsext.Fs for a given scheme which is they key of the map. If the scheme is https then a request will be made if the files is not found in the map and written to the map.

func ReadSource added in v0.25.0

func ReadSource(
	logger logrus.FieldLogger, src, pwd string, filesystems map[string]fsext.Fs, stdin io.Reader,
) (*SourceData, error)

ReadSource Reads a source file from any supported destination.

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