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type Pool

type Pool struct {
	Tasks []*Task
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Pool is a worker group that runs a number of tasks at a configured concurrency.

func NewPool

func NewPool(tasks []*Task, concurrency int) *Pool

NewPool initializes a new pool with the given tasks and at the given concurrency.

func (*Pool) Merge

func (p *Pool) Merge(entries []*domain.Entry) ([]*domain.Entry, error)

Merge the tasks result

func (*Pool) Run

func (p *Pool) Run()

Run runs all work within the pool and blocks until it's finished.

type RunFunc

type RunFunc func() (interface{}, error)

type Task

type Task struct {
	// Err holds an error that occurred during a task. Its
	// result is only meaningful after Run has been called
	// for the pool that holds it.
	Err  error
	Out  interface{}
	Func RunFunc

Task encapsulates a work item that should go in a work pool.

func NewTask

func NewTask(f RunFunc) *Task

NewTask initializes a new task based on a given work function.

func (*Task) Run

func (t *Task) Run(wg *sync.WaitGroup)

Run runs a Task and does appropriate accounting via a given sync.WorkGroup.

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