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Published: Feb 15, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 15 Imported by: 0



Package atmcfg provides a a set of helper methods to help you update the automation config.


import ""



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var ErrProcessNotFound = errors.New("process not found")

ErrProcessNotFound means the process was not found for the given cluster name.

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var ErrUnsupportedMechanism = errors.New("unrecognized SCRAM-SHA format")

ErrUnsupportedMechanism means the provided mechanism wasn't valid.


func AddIndexConfig

func AddIndexConfig(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, newIndex *opsmngr.IndexConfig) error

AddIndexConfig adds an opsmngr.IndexConfig to the opsmngr.AutomationConfig.

func AddUser

func AddUser(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, u *opsmngr.MongoDBUser)

AddUser adds a opsmngr.MongoDBUser to the opsmngr.AutomationConfi.

func ConfigureScramCredentials added in v0.8.0

func ConfigureScramCredentials(user *opsmngr.MongoDBUser, password string) error

ConfigureScramCredentials creates both SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-256 credentials. Use this method to guarantee that password can be updated later.

func DisableBackup added in v0.13.0

func DisableBackup(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, hostname string) error

DisableBackup disables backup for the given hostname.

func DisableMonitoring added in v0.13.0

func DisableMonitoring(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, hostname string) error

DisableMonitoring disables monitoring for the given hostname.

func EnableBackup added in v0.10.0

func EnableBackup(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, hostname string) error

EnableBackup enables backup for the given hostname.

func EnableMechanism added in v0.6.1

func EnableMechanism(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, m []string) error

EnableMechanism allows you to enable a given set of authentication mechanisms to an opsmngr.AutomationConfig. This method currently only supports MONGODB-CR, and SCRAM-SHA-256.

func EnableMonitoring added in v0.10.0

func EnableMonitoring(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, hostname string) error

EnableMonitoring enables monitoring for the given hostname.

func IsGoalState added in v0.28.0

func IsGoalState(s *opsmngr.AutomationStatus) bool

func ReclaimFreeSpace added in v0.18.0

func ReclaimFreeSpace(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName string)

ReclaimFreeSpace sets all process of a cluster to reclaim free space.

func ReclaimFreeSpaceForProcessesByClusterName added in v0.25.0

func ReclaimFreeSpaceForProcessesByClusterName(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName, lastCompact string, processes []string) error

ReclaimFreeSpaceForProcessesByClusterName reclaims free space for a cluster. Processes are provided in the format {"hostname:port","hostname2:port2"}.

func ReclaimFreeSpaceWithLastCompact added in v0.25.0

func ReclaimFreeSpaceWithLastCompact(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName, lastCompact string)

func RemoveByClusterName added in v0.7.1

func RemoveByClusterName(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, name string)

RemoveByClusterName removes a cluster and its associated processes from the config. This won't shutdown any running process.

func RemoveUser

func RemoveUser(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, username, database string) error

RemoveUser removes a MongoDBUser from the authentication config.

func Restart added in v0.15.0

func Restart(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, name string)

Restart sets all process of a cluster to restart.

func RestartProcessesByClusterName added in v0.25.0

func RestartProcessesByClusterName(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName string, processes []string) error

RestartProcessesByClusterName restart the entire cluster or its processes. Processes are provided in the format {"hostname:port","hostname2:port2"}.

func Shutdown

func Shutdown(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName string)

Shutdown disables all processes of the given cluster name.

func ShutdownProcessesByClusterName added in v0.24.0

func ShutdownProcessesByClusterName(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName string, processes []string) error

ShutdownProcessesByClusterName disables the entire cluster or its processes. Processes are provided in the format {"hostname:port","hostname2:port2"}.

func Startup

func Startup(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, name string)

Startup enables all processes of the given cluster name.

func StartupProcessesByClusterName added in v0.24.0

func StartupProcessesByClusterName(out *opsmngr.AutomationConfig, clusterName string, processes []string) error

StartupProcessesByClusterName enables the entire cluster or its processes. Processes are provided in the format {"hostname:port","hostname2:port2"}.


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