Package b3 contains a propagation.HTTPFormat implementation for B3 propagation. See for more details.



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    const (
    	TraceIDHeader = "X-B3-TraceId"
    	SpanIDHeader  = "X-B3-SpanId"
    	SampledHeader = "X-B3-Sampled"

      B3 headers that OpenCensus understands.


      This section is empty.


      func ParseSampled

      func ParseSampled(sampled string) (trace.TraceOptions, bool)

        ParseSampled parses the value of the X-B3-Sampled header.

        func ParseSpanID

        func ParseSpanID(sid string) (spanID trace.SpanID, ok bool)

          ParseSpanID parses the value of the X-B3-SpanId or X-B3-ParentSpanId headers.

          func ParseTraceID

          func ParseTraceID(tid string) (trace.TraceID, bool)

            ParseTraceID parses the value of the X-B3-TraceId header.


            type HTTPFormat

            type HTTPFormat struct{}

              HTTPFormat implements propagation.HTTPFormat to propagate traces in HTTP headers in B3 propagation format. HTTPFormat skips the X-B3-ParentId and X-B3-Flags headers because there are additional fields not represented in the OpenCensus span context. Spans created from the incoming header will be the direct children of the client-side span. Similarly, receiver of the outgoing spans should use client-side span created by OpenCensus as the parent.

              func (*HTTPFormat) SpanContextFromRequest

              func (f *HTTPFormat) SpanContextFromRequest(req *http.Request) (sc trace.SpanContext, ok bool)

                SpanContextFromRequest extracts a B3 span context from incoming requests.

                func (*HTTPFormat) SpanContextToRequest

                func (f *HTTPFormat) SpanContextToRequest(sc trace.SpanContext, req *http.Request)

                  SpanContextToRequest modifies the given request to include B3 headers.

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