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OpenTelemetry Go Automatic Instrumentation

This repository provides OpenTelemetry instrumentation for Go libraries using eBPF.

Project Status

🚧 This project is currently work in progress.


OpenTelemetry Go Automatic Instrumentation is compatible with all current supported versions of the Go language.

Each major Go release is supported until there are two newer major releases. For example, Go 1.5 was supported until the Go 1.7 release, and Go 1.6 was supported until the Go 1.8 release.

For versions of Go that are no longer supported upstream, this repository will stop ensuring compatibility with these versions in the following manner:

  • A minor release will be made to add support for the new supported release of Go.
  • The following minor release will remove compatibility testing for the oldest (now archived upstream) version of Go. This, and future, releases may include features only supported by the currently supported versions of Go.

Currently, OpenTelemetry Go Automatic Instrumentation is tested for the following environments.

OS Go Version Architecture
Ubuntu 1.19 amd64
Ubuntu 1.18 amd64

Automatic instrumentation should work on any Linux kernel above 4.4. Windows/Mac users should currently use Docker/VM to compile and run this repository.


See the contributing documentation.


OpenTelemetry Go Automatic Instrumentation is licensed under the terms of the Apache Software License version 2.0. See the license file for more details.

Third-party licesnes and copyright notices can be found in the LICENSES directory.




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func Version

func Version() string

Version is the current release version of OpenTelemetry Go auto-instrumentation in use.


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