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Package componenttest define types and functions used to help test packages implementing the component package interfaces.



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func NewNopExporterCreateSettings added in v0.28.0

func NewNopExporterCreateSettings() component.ExporterCreateSettings

NewNopExporterCreateSettings returns a new nop settings for Create*Exporter functions.

func NewNopExporterFactory added in v0.23.0

func NewNopExporterFactory() component.ExporterFactory

NewNopExporterFactory returns a component.ExporterFactory that constructs nop exporters.

func NewNopExtensionCreateSettings added in v0.28.0

func NewNopExtensionCreateSettings() component.ExtensionCreateSettings

NewNopExtensionCreateSettings returns a new nop settings for Create*Extension functions.

func NewNopExtensionFactory added in v0.23.0

func NewNopExtensionFactory() component.ExtensionFactory

NewNopExtensionFactory returns a component.ExtensionFactory that constructs nop extensions.

func NewNopHost

func NewNopHost() component.Host

NewNopHost returns a new instance of nopHost with proper defaults for most tests.

func NewNopProcessorCreateSettings added in v0.28.0

func NewNopProcessorCreateSettings() component.ProcessorCreateSettings

NewNopProcessorCreateSettings returns a new nop settings for Create*Processor functions.

func NewNopProcessorFactory added in v0.23.0

func NewNopProcessorFactory() component.ProcessorFactory

NewNopProcessorFactory returns a component.ProcessorFactory that constructs nop processors.

func NewNopReceiverCreateSettings added in v0.28.0

func NewNopReceiverCreateSettings() component.ReceiverCreateSettings

NewNopReceiverCreateSettings returns a new nop settings for Create*Receiver functions.

func NewNopReceiverFactory added in v0.23.0

func NewNopReceiverFactory() component.ReceiverFactory

NewNopReceiverFactory returns a component.ReceiverFactory that constructs nop receivers.

func NewNopTelemetrySettings added in v0.35.0

func NewNopTelemetrySettings() component.TelemetrySettings

NewNopTelemetrySettings returns a new nop telemetry settings for Create* functions.

func NopFactories added in v0.23.0

func NopFactories() (component.Factories, error)

NopFactories returns a component.Factories with all nop factories.

func VerifyProcessorShutdown added in v0.22.0

func VerifyProcessorShutdown(t *testing.T, factory component.ProcessorFactory, cfg config.Processor)

VerifyProcessorShutdown verifies the processor doesn't produce telemetry data after shutdown.


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