Package configparser implements loading of configuration from Viper configuration. The implementation relies on registered factories that allow creating default configuration for each type of receiver/exporter/processor.



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    func DecodeTypeAndName

    func DecodeTypeAndName(key string) (typeStr config.Type, fullName string, err error)

      DecodeTypeAndName decodes a key in type[/name] format into type and fullName. fullName is the key normalized such that type and name components have spaces trimmed. The "type" part must be present, the forward slash and "name" are optional. typeStr will be non-empty if err is nil.

      func Load

      func Load(v *config.Parser, factories component.Factories) (*config.Config, error)

        Load loads a Config from Parser. After loading the config, need to check if it is valid by calling `ValidateConfig`.

        func LoadReceiver

        func LoadReceiver(componentConfig *config.Parser, fullName string, factory component.ReceiverFactory) (config.Receiver, error)

          LoadReceiver loads a receiver config from componentConfig using the provided factories.


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