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type AttributeMatcher

type AttributeMatcher struct {
	Key string
	// If both AttributeValue and StringFilter are nil only check for key existence.
	AttributeValue *pdata.AttributeValue
	// StringFilter is needed to match against a regular expression
	StringFilter filterset.FilterSet

    AttributeMatcher is a attribute key/value pair to match to.

    type AttributesMatcher

    type AttributesMatcher []AttributeMatcher

    func NewAttributesMatcher

    func NewAttributesMatcher(config filterset.Config, attributes []filterconfig.Attribute) (AttributesMatcher, error)

    func (AttributesMatcher) Match

    func (ma AttributesMatcher) Match(attrs pdata.AttributeMap) bool

      Match attributes specification against a span/log.

      type PropertiesMatcher

      type PropertiesMatcher struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        PropertiesMatcher allows matching a span against various span properties.

        func NewMatcher

          NewMatcher creates a span Matcher that matches based on the given MatchProperties.

          func (*PropertiesMatcher) Match

          func (mp *PropertiesMatcher) Match(attributes pdata.AttributeMap, resource pdata.Resource, library pdata.InstrumentationLibrary) bool

            Match matches a span or log to a set of properties.